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Innovative Filtering Materials Save Our Customers Money

In recent years, many companies have paid particular attention to reducing the environmental impact caused by their production activities. Pollution of the environment with solid substances that destroy natural habitats and harm public health is one of the most acute issues in Russia today. That is why requirements governing dust content in discharges from gas purification systems are becoming more stringent.

Recently, electric filters and hose filters have become the most commonly used type of gas purification equipment.

However, replacement of electric filters with analogous electrostatic purification units is not always feasible, especially if the issue at hand concerns the full replacement of worn equipment or new construction. Among the most economically justified trends in the development and production of gas purification systems is a wider using of bag filters in various industries. Bag filters can compete with electric filters in terms of their properties (temperature, resistance to aggressive media, reliability) and surpass them significantly in residual dust content.

Expanding the use of bag filters will offer new filtering materials that offer better temperature and chemical resistance.

Corrugated  filtering materials have increased the filtration area by several orders of magnitude while bag filter dimensions remain unchanged. This has reduced the costs per filtering square meter several-fold. As a result, technical refurbishment and implementation of new projects have brought considerable savings to our customers.

The Samara Strommashina Plant supplies bag filters of various sizes and performance, with reverse scavenging and impulse regeneration of sleeves. The use of state-of-the-art filtration materials guarantees a concentration of residual dust release of no more than 10 mg/m3, in full conformity with the latest environmental requirements.

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