Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Application field of belt conveyors

Using belt conveyors, materials can be handled from production sites (quarries) to crushing and screening and preparation plants, at warehouses, inside shops and between shops of plants, inside shops and between shops with process product manufacture and discharge equipment. The belt type conveyors are irreplaceable and the most popular devices of the whole material handling equipment range.

Belt conveyors are used as face, stacking (mobile, stationary) conveyors; in loading elevators and turn-table systems at quarries; trunk conveyors for transporting raw and construction materials; warehouse conveyors (mobile and stationary); shop conveyors for transferring raw materials during processing and preparation; shop conveyors for delivery of raw materials and components to process equipment and shipment of products.

The main types of materials delivered by belt conveyors per sub-industries of construction material industry are:

  • cement sub-industry – limestone, crushed stone, flagstone, slate, clay, gypsum, slag, asbestos, tuff, coal, clinker;
  • asbestos sub-industry — crushed stone, asbestos concentrate, rock, asbestos, asbestos fibre, sand, dust, burnt earth;
  • asbestos cement sub-industry — crushed stone, asbestos, clay, coal, asbestos cement sheeting, asbestos packages;
  • non-metal ore sub-industry – mica, quartz sand, quartz concentrate, cake, graphite, ore;
  • prefabricated reinforced concrete sub-industry – crushed stone, sand, concrete, cement, gravel, slate, cake, ceramics;
  • sanitary equipment – burnt earth, cast iron castings, sand, moulding sand mixture;
  • polymer construction materials sub-industry – crushed stone, chips, limestone, charging material, wool granules, slag, plasticized mass; touchstone;
  • glass sub-industry — crushed stone, glass cans, crushed glass, charging material, bricks, quartz sand, dolomite, limestone, clay, chamotte, packing boxes, neofelin, chalk, sodium carbonate;
  • wall, binding, heat insulating materials sub-industry — clay, lime, sieve residue, packs, chalk, coal, sand, charging material, silicate additive, lime with sand, mica;
  • roofing, water-proof and polymer materials sub-industry — wood chips, sand, ruberiod, waste paper, linoleum matter, PVC matter, PVC web, nvттоны cardboard, logs, cake (residue);
  • non-ore materials sub-industry– sand-and-gravel mixture, crushed stone, sand-gravel-stone, granite, chalk, sieve residue, limestone, clay, dolomite, quarzite, overburden rock;
  • mineral raw materials sub-industry — gypsum stone, sand-and-gravel mixture, gravel, sand, crushed stone, limestone, coal, dolomite, chalk;
  • construction materials sub-industry – sand, crushed stone, gravel, concrete, lime, expanded clay, dolomite, dolomite waste, marble chips, granite slabs;
  • cast iron sub-industry – radiators, casting rejects, burnt earth, scrub, moulding sand mixture, sand, cake, gaize, cinder patch.

Temperature of materials handled by belt conveyors may vary in a wide range (—50 to +260 °С), depending on the season, climatic zone, availability of heated shelters and processing technology. In most cases it corresponds to the ambient temperature and amounts —10 to +30 °С

The Samara Strommashina plant manufactures belt conveyors rated at 1000 t/hour capacity. The Strommashina material-handling equipment range includes screw and bucket conveyors, chain and bucket elevators and other auxiliary equipment. The Strommashina is an advanced Russian industrial equipment manufacturer plant focused on up-to-date product quality standards. This is why your decision to buy a Strommashina brand belt conveyor would be correct and undoubtedly advantageous for you business.