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Bentonite Powder in Desiccant Industry

Clay desiccant is a good mean of environmental protection that is widely used due to its versatility and resistance to moisture. Before applying, bentonite must be processed into a fine powder form with the fineness of 200mesh. In order to reach this size of particles, you need to use the most efficient grinding equipment from Strommashina! We offer you the most effective solutions!

Due to its adsorption capacity, desiccants are used to remove the moisture content from both the atmosphere and solids. The main ingredient of a desiccant is montmorillonite which is a perfect adsorbent which has it perfect performance condition under the external temperature lower than 50℃. Bentonite is used as a basis for the main “active” ingredient, but it must be reduced to the fineness of 200mesh before being used to produce desiccant.

Necessary equipment to produce powder of Bentonite

Trapezium mills, ball mills, roller mills, and high-pressure grinding mills are usually used to produce a 200mesh powder of Bentonite.

If you want to incorporate bentonite powder into your production cycle, using customized industrial solutions is the most effective way. By using either ball and roller mills from Strommashina, you can process bentonite and turn it into a fine powder usable for manufacturing high quality desiccant.