Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Building a Perfect Gypsum or Limestone Grinding Facility!

In order to slightly alter cement and add specific properties to it, manufacturers often add crushed gypsum or limestone. Refined to the 200mesh fineness, these minerals make ideal additives to cement. Strommashina  offers a wide range of grinding mills that will make processing both gypsum and limestone much easier. If you need a perfect solution for your production line, Strommashina ’s customized equipment is your best solution!

Adding gypsum or limestone to cement is a perfect way of altering the qualities of the end product. These additives allow the powder to be more “flowy” while increasing its mechanical resistance and making cement stronger. These are great grinding aids that can be used to ensure the technological correctness of the production process while providing a wide array of improvements to the end product.

Searching for the best solutions for grinding minerals is the number one priority for any cement manufacturer that wants to elevate its manufacturing capacity to the next level. Strommashina  offers you a wide assortment of mills that mirror the most advanced technological innovations from Europe. Bring your production standards up to par with the level of quality required in Europe and upgrade your facility!

Necessary equipment for processing limestone

When processing limestone and gypsum for further using as additives for cement, the required fineness is usually around 200mesh. Strommashina  offers a wide range of ball, high-pressure grinding, and roller mills.

The technological is quite simple yet refined. The raw material needs crushing before being entering the grinding chamber. The material must be fed continuously and evenly in order to reach its most usable form and obtain much needed technological qualities. Usually the continuity and evenness is provided by a vibrating feeder that picks up the preemptively crushed material. Then the filtering process occurs that allows only the 200mesh particles to leave the chamber while bigger particles are rerouted for additional processing. Processed by feasible equipment, limestone or gypsum powder can be used to enhance the properties of cement.