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Difference between modified bitumen and concrete

So that not to confuse the terms "modified bitumen" and "modified concrete", let us describe these substances, their applications and how their properties can be influenced.

Another name for the modified concrete used among scientists is "the third millenium concrete". The use of additives allows controlling the structure formation processes and creating high-performance construction materials. The modified concrete is very strong, frost-resistant and water-impermeable.

The use of additives allow increasing service life of concrete structures and engineering constructions built based on both cast-in-situ and pre-cast concrete. Usually the percentage of modifiers does not exceed tenths and hundredths of a per cent of cement weight.

Depending on the mechanism of action, the concrete additives are divided into four types:

  • the additives meant for changing the mineral binder solubility without chemical interaction with them;
  • the additives interacting with the binder which results in formation of hardly soluble or poorly dissociated complex compounds;
  • the additives which are crystallisation centres;
  • organic surface-active agents.

The application of modified concrete is almost the same as the use of ordinary concrete: repair of asphalt concrete roads, reconstruction of hydraulic engineering structures, bridge construction, underground development, etc.

Modified bitumens, in their turn, are applied in road construction and in roofing and waterproofing operations.

The most frequent method of bitumen modifying is addition of polymers which allow obtaining higher quality which is expressed in:

  • improved performance both at high and low temperatures;
  • improvement of elastoplastic characteristics;
  • increased resistance to material fatigue;
  • improved cohesion and adhesion with fillers;
  • increased ageing resistance.

The practical difference between modified bitumen and concrete is the base on which the additive influences. In the first case it is actually bitumen itself, and in the second case it is cement.

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