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Ensuring That Your Belt Conveyor Works Properly

All types of industrial equipment need a plethora of carefully conducted maintenance procedures in order to prevent rapid wear and operational damage. Belt conveyors are prone to both wear and damage. In order to protect your equipment from failures, you should focus on various preventative measures including:

  • Securing belts. Some damage can be noticed early; check belts regularly and ensure that they are properly positioned.
  • Accretion. Build-up is an ever-existing problem for any type of material-handling equipment. Regularly clean up accretion to prevent significant wear.
  • Idler maintenance. Roll wear can be noticed early during regular inspections. Adjust rolls with a nut situated closer to the end of the shaft. Focus on regular inspections of all Idler parts in order to prevent damage.
  • Lubrication. Regular lubrications prolong the lifespan of your equipment. Make sure to conduct lubrications as often as equipment manufacturer recommends.
  • Fittings inspections. Regularly conducts visual inspections of all fittings in order to prevent excessive pressure.
  • Roll. One of the most common issues with belt conveyors is roll freezes that usually happens due to accretion. Malfunctioning rolls should be replaced immediately in order to prevent further belt damage as wear increases dramatically when rolls are frozen.
  • Scrapers. The accretion near scrapers is also a very big problem for any belt conveyor. Regularly inspect scrapers and make sure that the belt is clean whenever a sweep happens.
  • Inspecting drive chains and sprockets. Ensure that both components work in a tandem and adjust them accordingly when necessary. When one of the components needs replacement, replace the other one as well. This will prevent rapid wear and damage.

Strommachina specialists will be glad to provide you with extensive information about efficient maintenance methods. Please contact us today and learn how to keep your equipment from harm!