Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Gypsum Materials Production Line (Construction Materials Production Equipment)

All necessary business and technical information about gypsum production heavy machinery from Strommachina you can receive from our specialists. Call us right now at +7 (846) 3-741-741.

Strommachina Factory is a modern facility where we build heavy duty machinery. All our products are assembled at client’s facilities during the installation process. We design and manufacture all types of machinery including equipment necessary for plaster and construction gypsum manufacturing.


The technological process of gypsum production using natural resources consists of several distinct steps:

  • Preparing raw material by crushing, powdering, and drying
  • Thermal processing (dehydration)
  • Additional crushing and powdering and/or crushing necessary for specific technological stages of the production process

Existing technological schemes of production processes for manufacturing gypsum binders and plasters can be categorized and separated into 3 groups.

Classification of production setups of gypsum binders based on thermal processing methods

Production setupGypsum binder typeThermal processing equipment
1st category
Setups with thermal equipment connected to external atmosphereGypsum plasters for construction purposes made of beta-hemihydrates of calcium sulfates
  1. Indirect dryers including:
    • Gypsum cauldrons
    • Indirect rotary dryers with external heaters
  2. Direct dryers that process materials via hot gases:
    • Rotary dryers with gases flowing through the material chamber
    • Equipment for thermal processing of the flowing material including drying ball mills, spray dryers, etc.
2nd category
Setups with sealed equipment operating under pressureGypsum plasters made of primarily alpha-hemihydrates of calcium sulfates
  • Autoclaves
  • Steam chambers
  • Dampers
3rd category
Setups with equipment designed to dehydrate dihydrogen in liquid environmentsGypsum plasters made of primarily alpha-hemihydrates of calcium sulfates
  • Chambers and caldrons

The choice of setups is dictated by multiple factors including production volumes, properties of raw materials, required product quality, and many other.

Strommachina offers all types of equipment for aforementioned technological setups as well as necessary for regular maintenance spare parts and add-ons (equipment for crushing, drying, storing, and transporting). We also offer a wide range of other heavy duty machinery.

Technological setups for gypsum processing

Manufacturing gypsum from natural ingredients includes several distinct stages such as crushing, drying when necessary, powdering into roasting, or roasting into powdering. Depending on how you queue these processes you may choose from three commonly used setups.

  1. Preemptive drying and powdering gypsum stones until the powder reaches required fineness with consequent dehydration in multiple roasting devices.
  2. Roasting gypsum stones in roasting devices with powdering after dehydration.
  3. Combining drying, powdering, and dehydration in mills.

Strommachina specialists will gladly help you to pick the right set of equipment for gypsum processing based on which technological setup you are going to use. Depending on your setup, you may choose from:

  1. Discontinuous drying chambers
  2. Continuous drying chambers
  3. Rotary dryers
  4. Drying ball mills and mills of combined action

We provide all necessary documents during planning:

  • All necessary cover letters and documents including shipment documents for all equipment
  • Plans for production lines
  • Plans for exploitation spaces
  • Plans for gas extraction lines
  • Plans for gas extraction and transportation setups
  • Plans and schematics for intermediate elements and connectors
  • Assembly and installation manuals

Maintenance services from Strommachina
Our approach to maintenance will help our clients to

  • Minimize sudden downtime and malfunctions of equipment when it exhausts its operational capacity
  • Optimize and appropriately structurize maintenance and reduce financial costs of repairs and replacements
  • Increase the efficiency of equipment after repairs by ordering additional after-repair inspections
  • Increase the time between repairs and malfunctions due to executing all maintenance services like inspections, repairs, and modernization according to all established technological requirements and instructions
  • Identify and remove redundant malfunctions with analysis-driven inspections
  • Improve the quality of repairs through employing modern progressive maintenance methods
  • Schedule all maintenance services appropriately without overwhelming your staff
  • Enhance safety on your facility
  • Reduce operational and administrative expenses of your facility

Our suggested “scope” of maintenance services

  • Extensive consultations and technical support during exploitation of our equipment
  • Regular inspections and technical maintenance of equipment according an approved schedule
  • Replacement of system components and elements as well as delivery of said components in a timely manner
  • Inspection and estimation of required maintenance and repair services, possible modernization, and an amount of spare parts needed

Strommachina has a special dedicated department occupied strictly in providing maintenance services and assistance to all our clients operating in Russia, the CIS region, and other countries. The department employs qualified managers, knowledgeable technicians, maintenance engineers, and customer support specialists. Additionally, all our clients enjoy systematically expanding assortment of spare parts and system components always available at our warehouses in Samara.

Spare parts delivery

Strommachia offers a rich assortment of system components and spare parts for all types of equipment from our catalogue. The range of available products includes lining setups, crown gears, gearwheels, milling bodies, filtering elements, rollers for mills, and components that extensively wear.

We deliver all spare parts and components as quickly as possible according to a schedule developed together with a client.