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How to Find The Best Rotary Kiln Manufacturer

While rotary kiln is a must-have for a plethora of facilities, this is a significant expense. In order to justify the investment, you need to find a manufacturer that would provide you with both great service and exceptionally well-functioning long-lasting equipment. This sounds easy, but it is actually the trickiest part. There are several crucial factors that you need to account for when choosing the best contractor.

Engineering Capabilities
Ensuring that a manufacturer can analyze the production needs and design a holistic process involving a rotary kiln. In the vast majority of cases, customization is vital for the success. The design capabilities are defined by a multitude of factors. A manufacturer needs to have experienced specialists and fully equipped testing facilities. There are several key aspects of process design:

  • Pilot testing. Testing various equipment settings and combinations with the material in question is crucial for gathering enough data that will help in designing an efficient processing pattern.
  • Ensuring scalability. It is important to not only properly design the process, but also make sure that the process is scalable and can be used to process large quantities of materials.

Excellent Expertise
Thermal processing is not the most comforting area for newcomers. The process should be properly designed and correctly implemented in order to avoid problems in future. Choosing a manufacturer that can create a safe and economically sound solution is the best way to ensure the success of the business.
The ideal implementation of any thermal process needs rich experience in this matter. At the same time, the client needs to be 100% sure that the process is safe and will not cause accidents at the facility. A correctly implemented solution will greatly reduce equipment wear and prevent damage that may cause downtime.

Time-Tested Kilns
A good manufacturer definitely has a rich portfolio of previously implemented self-designed solutions. In order to avoid an irresponsible manufacturer, you should demand case-studying reports on the equipment lines that are already running and have been tested with time. Another important factor is how well the service department operates. A good manufacturer has a dedicated team that can conduct an extensive maintenance plan including regular inspections, alignment procedures, and complex repairs. When a company has various departments and enough accomplished projects behind its back, you know that you have met a good manufacturer.

High Quality Manufacturing
Rotary kilns are made of materials that are hard to work with. Perfect engineering and manufacturing techniques should be employed in order to produce reliable and efficient equipment. The very process of fabrication should be holistic and precise, otherwise the equipment will be likely to wear down quickly or receive critical damage.

Maintenance and Support
Aftermarket support is incredibly important. A responsible manufacturer will not only design, fabricate, and deliver the equipment, but also assist in installing it. The aftermarket support should include:

  • Installation, setting-up, and initial alignment
  • All-around training (operational services and regular maintenance)
  • Providing spare parts on demand

Rotary kilns are constantly in motion. This type of equipment is prone to wear and can be easily damaged due to constant motion of various system components. This means that a manufacturer should be experienced in both designing the equipment line properly and servicing it after implementing. The original manufacturer of the kiln will be more efficient at maintaining it correctly due to being familiar with how the equipment works.

The main takeaway is that you should try to find a manufacturer that has a good design and testing facility, experienced staff, and can offer a wide variety of maintenance options including parts replacement and alignment. A good manufacturer will create an extremely efficient thermal processing equipment and provide you a plethora of aftermarket services.

Strommachina has its own testing facilities where we can vivisect any process and test the most efficient ways of working with a given material. At our testing facilities we can try out various processing conditions and equipment settings to ensure that the process is designed and conducted correctly. At the same time, we have sufficient experience to provide a holistic set of aftermarket services. If you want to work with a truly responsible rotary kiln manufacturer, please contact Strommachina specialists today!