Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Lime production

The lime applications are multi-faceted and important. The major consumers of such products are ferrous metallurgy, construction industry, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, sugar industry and agriculture. Also lime is largely used for environmental protection (effluents and flue gas neutralization).

Environmental protection: Lime is used for removing sulphur oxide from flue gases. Lime softens water, precipitates organic substances contained in water and neutralises acid natural and waste effluents.

Agriculture: Soil liming eliminates acidity harmful for agricultural plants. Soil is enriched with calcium, earth tillability is increased, humus putrefying is accelerated, the demand in application of large amounts of nitrogen fertilizers is decreased significantly. Limestone is used for improving qualitative characteristic of soil, for example, in agriculture. Lime deoxygenates soil replenishing calcium stock in soil colloid complex, phosphor accessibility for plants is enhanced, physical properties of soil and its water and air regime are improved. In agriculture the lime is used for liming – disinfection of livestock farms and welfare rooms. Lime is used in animal husbandry and poultry breeding as an extra feed for eliminating any shortage of calcium in animals' ration and for general improvement of sanitary conditions of livestock management.

Metallurgy: The significance of application of lime in mining and processing metallurgical industry is inestimable. Lime is a necessary component in the process of preparing polymetallic ores and chamosites of mining and concentration complexes.

Chemical industry: Hydrated lime and lime sorbents are promising materials for producing chemically precipitated finely dispersed calcium carbonate used for producing the highest grades of chalk paper and as filler in electronic, electric engineering, cable, technical rubber, paint and lacquer, perfume and pharmaceutical industries.
Lime is also used for producing calcium hypochlorite and calcium fluoride.

In petrochemical industry lime is used as an acid sludge de-acidfifier. It is also used as a reagent in the basic organic and inorganic synthesis.

Construction: Lime is one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials. Construction lime is applied for preparing building mortars, in production of lime-pozzolanic cements, in production of heat insulating materials, for producing artificial stone materials – calcium silicate bricks, silicate and foamed silicate products, slag concrete blocks, gas concrete (gas silicate), and as paint compounds, in production of dry pack mortars; plastering, glue compounds for sealing of intertile joints, masonry compounds, putty pastes.

The Samara Strommashina plant has been manufacturing excellent equipment for producing lime for all above listed industries. The product range of the plant includes both individual process equipment items, and whole industrial complexes:

The line configuration depends on customer's requirements and particular process task. The process system capacity depends on strength of source material. Specialists of our plant are ready to perform all necessary calculations on lime production equipment.