Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Material Handling. Efficient Solutions from Strommashina

Thermal processing equipment is the most important priority for Strommashina . However, we also focus on producing a wide array of machinery that helps in handling materials. Our sophisticated diverse product lineup allows us to engineer and manufacture highly efficient production lines that are perfectly tailored for your specific needs. With great emphasis on both feasibility and improving the output, our equipment is the best choice for those companies that look for economically sound solutions. Strommashina  produces state-of-the-art assembled customized lines and separate parts of equipment.

Please meet our solutions:

Bucket Elevators

Depending on the type of the material, we engineer and assemble bucket elevators that handle well specific materials. Dry solids, powdered substances or highly abrasive compounds will be efficiently transported with our equipment.
The line can be customized and adjusted based on operational volumes and production needs. All components of the equipment are engineered with precision and work smoothly causing minimum wear and downtime. You can choose the most efficient configuration.
We offer a wide variety of bucket elevators. Belt bucket elevators and chain bucket elevators are available for our customers. At our testing facilities we focus on creating the best possible components that work without hiccups. At the same time, we try to provide a freedom of choice for our customers.

Belt Conveyors

Strommashina  produces highly efficient belt conveyors with great output. With up to 1000 tons per hour operational capacity and up to 6 m/s conveyor speed, our equipment is perfectly suited for a wide variety of applications and can be used at facilities with massive throughputs. We offer a rich choice of design choices dictated by your needs.
Every single aspect of our belt conveyors can be adjusted according to your specific requirements. You can order a line with precise sizes and operational capabilities.

Belt Trippers

This additional equipment is a perfect tool for multipurpose industrial applications. Engineering a facility with multiple storage spaces and intricate infrastructure requires equipment that can be remotely controlled and operate without pauses or additional material handling equipment. Trippers allow you to simply drop the material at specific locations of the conveyor.

Belt Feeders

Controlling your material handling equipment is crucial for your production line. Feeders limit the amount of material transported by the conveyor simultaneously. This helps in designing an efficient processing line and preventing excessive wear.

Belt Plows

While controlling the material feed is highly important, having a complete control over discharging is also a significant point of attention. Belt plows allow you to control the rate of discharge and ensure precise portioning of the material. This will greatly improve the overall smoothness of the production process.

Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyor is an economically sound solution for companies that need to ensure that their production lines are economically efficient and provide a sufficient throughput. Roller conveyors can work with both horizontal and inclined transportation lines.
Strommashina  offers a wide array of design options for roller conveyors and provides a rich range of customization options including a variety of drives and add-ons. With a rich choice of diameters for the rollers and up to 2000 mm of roller length, our equipment can make your production lines faster, more efficient, and easy-to-maintain.

Screw Type Conveyors

Screw type conveyor is a perfect solution for a variety of industrial applications. Strommashina  offers a multitude of customizable solutions and pre-built solutions. Depending on your production needs and specific technological requirements, we can assemble a screw type conveyor with exact parameters.
You can choose not only sizes of the conveyor, but also the drive type and power. Your design options are versatile and you can have a speedy conveyor that focuses on quick material delivery or a truly heave-duty equipment that focuses on massive throughput.
Please refer to our full list of equipment to browse through available material handling solutions.

Additional Services

Strommashina  focuses on providing an all-around great service including aftermarket services. Our specialists will help you with the installation process and alignment. We will gladly assist in inspecting and planning your maintenance. Strommashina  will always offer you a full catalogue of spare parts and assist with repairs when needed.

With our longtime history of manufacturing and designing highly efficient industrial equipment, we are proud to present our customized solutions that can help you in creating a production line that excels at handling, storing, and processing any product. Do not hesitate and contact our specialists right now and find out how you can benefit from working with our company!