Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Rotary drum granulator is aggloporite production equipment

Rotary drum granulator is designed for granulating argillous raw material in aggloporite production.

Granulator is manufactured based on a drying drum using its basic assemblies. It consists of a 1600 mm diameter drum, support and thrust rollers and drive. A mixer is installed inside the granulator housing to improve the batch granulation. It is located near the inner surface of the shell in the lower part of the drum. The mixer shaft is installed on two supports. A chain sprocket is located near one of the supports. It connects the mixing shaft with cleaning shaft.  The chain gear ensures unidirectional rotation of both shafts. Blades with 60 mm spacing are installed on the shafts at an angle to the longitudinal axis. The blade inclination angle is selected taking into consideration the granulator capacity and granulation quality.

The shafts are different from each other by diameter of the circle described by their blades. They are designed for crushing the batch and cleaning the drum. The crushing material fragmentation is regulated by blade inclination angle combined with change of granulator shaft and housing rotation speed. The granulator allows producing the batch of the following composition: size 7 to 10 mm — 5 to 36%, size 3 to 7 mm — 40 to 65% and size less than З mm — 30 to 40%. The shaft with 300 mm diameter blades is designed for continuous cleaning of the inner drum surface.

Blades of both shafts are designed as a rod with rectangular plates.
Material is charged into the granulator from the top and discharged through the opened discharging tray.

Process chart of production of aggloporite from argillous raw material

Clay is fed into the receiving bin with an agitator which breaks large lumps of clay and feeds them into an intermediate bin and further into a box feeder. The latter feeds it into stone-separating rolls continuously. Clay is punched and loosened there. The second batch component – coal is prepared simultaneously with clay.

The coal preparation is assurance of uniformity of coal grain size. Coal is sieved, fine fraction is fed into a feed bin under which a disk feeder is installed. The disk feeder feeds coal for mixing with clay.  Large coal lumps are crushed in a double-roll crusher. The crusher and sieving device operate on a closed-loop configuration. In this case fine coal fraction is selected and coarse fraction is returned for crushing. The components are continuously fed into the reclaimer into which the aggloporite processed in the crusher is also fed from the disk feeder. When the batch is mixed, it is additionally moistened by water fed from the filter. The batch is fed from the reclaimer into the drum granulator.

Granulation (pelletisation) of the batch in the granulator is performed by rolling the batch particles over the inner surface of the drum and continuous mixing of the batch with a blade mixer installed inside the drum. The mixer is located in the lower part of the drum near the inner surface of its shell.

The prepared batch is fed from the drum granulator into the shuttle batch distributor. The distributor places the natch over the feeder plane uniformly, and the feeder fills the moving palettes of a sintering machine. The palettes filled with the batch pass under the hearth the flame of which ignites the fuel contained in the batch, and the batch is sintered. A continuous band of sintered batch is formed in the sintering machine as a result of sintering. The band is divided into large pieces by a special device at the machine edge. Then they are fed into a primary crusher and further to the secondary crusher. After crushing in the  gravel sorter the aggloporite is fractioned and fed to the finished product storage.

Manufacture of agglomeration equipment

The Samara Strommashina plant has been manufacturing agglomeration equipment and other industrial equipment since 1942. The Strommashina means experience and innovations, reasonable prices and high product quality. Due to the plant's extensive manufacturing capabilities and highly skilled personnel, the Strommashina will help in solving any agglomeration problem of the customer.