Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

The intricacies of Paint Industry. Limestone, Gypsum, Calcite, and Barite

Ever since our foundation, we at Strommachina tried to create the most perfect machinery for various types of facilities. Today, we want to focus your attention on a variety of possible applications for equipment designed to process limestone, calcite, gypsum, and/or barite into powders that can be used to create high quality coatings. In order to receive the highest quality and the most fitting fineness, you need a customized production line alongside feasible packing lines.

What are paints? A rich assortment of liquids and solids that are usually used in construction or decoration to cover surfaces in order to enhance their looks or give them special properties like resistance to corrosion or better insulation. Paint industry widely uses different types of mineral powders of calcite or barite to produce coatings. Various types of minerals provide specific properties to the end product. Barite powder makes the paint thicker, more robust, and durable. Barite simply makes any paint better and improves its properties. However, it is crucial to reach the most perfect conditions of the material before using.

Necessary Equipment for Paint Industry

When working with limestone, gypsum, calcite, and/or barite, you will need Grinding Mills, Trapezium Mills, or Micro Powder Mills. Depending on the fineness requirements, choose the most befitting option.

Trapezium mills are usually the best choice for processing limestone with the required fineness being in the range of 200-325mesh. You may also be interested in ball mills. After a calculated processing procedure, limestone is made into 325mesh powder which then can be used to manufacture high quality coatings. The mills easily process and crush large stones into a refined powder.