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The New Clean World – Rotary Kilns for Activated Carbon

Humanity is concerned about environment and ensuring its sustainability is one of the most important points of focus for the whole world. One compound has a significant role in creating a better and cleaner world and this compound is activated carbon.
Activated carbon is a very efficient adsorbent that is widely used in a rich variety of industries. It can be used to purify water, air, and remove undesirable components from waste materials.
For any company that has industrial facilities focusing on environmental sustainability is crucial. The amount of environmental regulations grows constantly and complying to them is the only way to operate in the right way both legally and morally.
All of the above means that the market of activated carbon is growing rapidly and experts expect the global market to reach $6 billion mark by the end of 2022. In 2015, we talked about $2.7 billion. The demand is clearly increasing.

Activated Carbon and its Benefits.

There are distinct reasons why activated carbon is considered the most efficient adsorbent. Firstly, it can be produced from a wide variety of sources including wood, coal, and any other carbon-rich source. Secondly, it is one of the best cheap adsorbents in the world. Thirdly, it can be regenerated and used again.
Activated carbon has a very porous structure that makes it superior to any other adsorbent. Such porosity allows activated carbon to capture and effectively remove any undesirable components on the surface.
Incredible absorbability is enough to warrant activated carbon’s huge success on the market. However, there are other qualities that allow AC to be widely used in various industries. The list of applications is vast and contains processes incredibly important for any industry:

  • Caffeine removal
  • Air purification (industrial and civilian applications)
  • Water purification (industrial and civilian applications)
  • Soil remediation and underground water treatment
  • Pharmaceutical industry and processing medical products
  • Food & beverages
  • Recovering gold
  • Metal finishing and metal processing

Activated Carbon and The Market Around it.

The demand for this product increases constantly thanks to a wide range of applications. The ever-growing demand is not a miracle and can be explained. There are factors that make this market grow and open up opportunities for further expansions. Some factors are related to the market directly (better pricing and improved infrastructure) and some factors are related to the market indirectly.

Mercury control.

Fossil-fueled power plants generate massive mercury emissions and EPA recently updated their regulations by releasing the widely known standard – MATS. This abbreviation stands for the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. This regulation applies to USA and demands domestic power plants to regulate the amount of mercury released in the atmosphere.

One of the best methods of controlling mercury emission is by using ACI (Activated Carbon Injection). This method is simple and efficient. Powdered AC is infused in exhaust gases and removes mercury. MATS was one of the initial reasons of rapid growth of the market. At the same time, Europe lags behind in terms of regulating mercury, but preparations are being made and the demand will likely go up in Europe. With more and more regulations regarding mercury being applied, activated carbon will surely see more customers.

Water purification.

Clean drinking water is one of the biggest concerns in the world. It is no secret that governments all around the world invest heavily in improving their municipal water control and distribution facilities. Activated carbon is a great purifier and the demand is definitely there.

AC in auto industry.

One of the most advanced technologies out there is using activated carbon canisters for fuel. Such canisters greatly diminish the amount of pollutants ejected into the atmosphere and improve engine performance. The demand for AC will grow accordingly to the growth of the demand for vehicles.


There is no doubt that the amount and strictness of regulations continue to increase. As legislation becomes stricter, the demand for activated carbon will grow massively. AC is cheap and very efficient thus providing the best methods for purifying various compounds and complying to regulations. The global focus on environmental sustainability is one of the most impactful factors pushing up the demand for activated carbon.
At the same time, various researches show that the new regulations will likely continue to increase demand. For example, the recent rule for disinfectants and disinfection byproducts sets new standards for the allowed amount of pollutants in drinking water and it will affect the demand for activated carbon.
It is not only companies that have to comply with rulings. Municipal facilities also have to improve their methods of water and air purification. At the same time, people concerned with what they drink and breath in will purchase more activated carbon based filters and equipment.
With such a demand for AC, it is obvious that companies are concerned with costs. One of the biggest advantages that AC has is that it can be reused again after a desorbing process. One of the most common methods of regenerating AC is processing it in a rotary kiln.
Regenerated carbon is a very potent material that provides a long list of benefits. One of the most obvious is that it’s cheap and can be produced at facilities right after using the virgin material. Another important benefit is that disposal risks are completely eliminated from the equation and allow for an economically efficient way of ensuring environmental sustainability of the surroundings.


One of the biggest concerns of humanity is preserving nature and ensuring that our natural environment is sustainable and healthy. Activated carbon is the key to success. It is cheap to produce and easy-to-incorporate. The market of activated carbon will grow massively in the nearest future and companies need to think of ways of reducing operational costs related to pollutants removal.

Strommashina  produces rotary kilns that can be tailored for your specific needs! Our solutions can make your facility cleaner and economically efficient by providing you with a great way of regenerating activated carbon.