Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Types of tank and vessel equipment manufactured by the Strommashina

Steel tanks and vessels are included into the Samara Strommashina profile. Our products are applied in different spheres: petrochemistry, food and mining industry, oil refinery and petrol-filing stations.

Our portfolio includes many standard designs, but if none of them suits you, we are ready to develop a customised design taking into consideration your requirements and requests.

Our plant manufactures the following tank types:

HST tank

HST tanks (horizontal steel tanks) are cylindrical vessels which are designed for receipt, storage and delivery of dark or oil products, water, food raw material, alcohols, oils and lubricants density of which is up to 1 nt/m3. Their main applications are petrol filling stations and petroleum depots.

Depending on the enterprise profile, we can manufacture on-ground (HST og), underground (HST ug), double- or single-walled, with flat or conical bottom and those equipped with manholes and inlets. In terms of volume, they are classified as hst 3, hst 5, hst 10, hst 25, hst 50, hst 75 and hst 100, where the number is equal to volume expressed in m³. An HST tank is protected by anti-corrosion coating, and if the customer wishes so, we can provide for heat insulation using rolled or sheet backed mineral wool thermal insulation. The outer cladding is made of aluminium or galvanised steel sheets.

Hot water storage tanks HWST

Hot water storage tanks (HWST) are designed for storing water temperature of which does not exceed 95°. They are installed in hot water supply system between hot water preparation plants and consumers. Hot water tanks are necessary for efficient operation of water supply system by equalising hot water flows.

They are made of steel and shaped as a cylinder by means of scrolling. They are only mounted vertically. Standard HWST sizes: 100 m³, 200 m³, 300 m³, 400 m³, 700 m³, 1000 m³, 2000 m³, 3000 m³, 5000 m³, 10,000 m³, 15,000 m³ и 20,000 m³. Our plant designs hot water tanks based on standard designs HWST-100 – HWST-1000 and HWST-2000 — HWST-20000. If none of the designs suits you, we are ready to manufacture a tank based on your requirements.

Underground tank UT, UTH

Underground tanks UT and UTH are used for drainage of oil product residues, oils at enterprises of oil, gas, oil refining and petrochemical industries, and for storage of aggressive chemical agents and agricultural fertilizers. They are an all-welded double-walled vessel with conical bottom and two manholes. The first manhole is necessary for charging and taking substance from the tank, and the second one is for repair and preventive maintenance. They can be horizontal and vertical designs.

UT vessel is an underground vessel without a heater. It is designed for the following volumes: UT-1.5 — 1.5 m, and the same principle is applied to UT-3, UT-5, UT-8, UT-12.5, UT-16, UT-20, UT-25, UT-40, UT-63, UT-100, UT-150 and UT-200. To avoid any heat losses. the underground tank is coated with a heat insulating material.

UTH is an underground vessel with a heater manufactured as for the same volumes as UT. Heating is necessary if the ambient temperature is below liquid freezing temperature.

Installing underground tanks is an excellent method to save space on the territory and preserve its good appearance, especially when space is confined, for example, at petrol filling stations.

Why should hot water vessels and storage tanks be bought only from manufacturers?

Because only they ensure correct geometry of walls and bottom, without any deformation and other defects. Besides, the vessels will be supplied complete with drawings, certificates, geodetic measurement results, installation work logs, acceptance certificates.

Tanks and vessels is an integral part of chemical, gas, oil, heat power, mining and food industries. Buying tanks which will be reliable and safe for many years is quite a challenge. To avoid leaks of stored liquid and eliminate significant losses which your company may suffer, one should contact only a proven company. The Samara Strommashina plant has been operating since 1942, growing facilities and consistently following high quality standards. Despite the fact that our plant is located in Samara, geography of sales and deliveries is very wide: we sell and ship our products all over the Russian Federation territory and near- and far-abroad countries. The maximum waiting period is just one month.