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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

All about metal structures

Metal structures are used as a frame of buildings and various facilities. They impart strength and reliability. Nowadays metal structures are one of the most in-demand construction materials. The cost of metal structures is acceptable and depends on size, configuration, etc.

Classification of metal structures

Frames. These structures are considered to be most popular. They include:

  • beams;
  • columns;
  • structures for fencing, etc.

Plate. Solid plate type structures are:

  • building flooring;
  • tanks;
  • air ducts, etc.

High-rise. Such structures are indispensable in any settlement. They include:

  • electric power transmission line pylons;
  • relay repeaters;
  • TV towers, etc.

Servicing. Such structures are necessary in any building. These are:

  • staircases;
  • landings;
  • fencing, etc.

Metallurgical. They include such special structures as:

  • dust collectors;
  • air heaters;
  • furnace mantles.

Metal structure manufacture peculiarities

Metal structures are necessary to significantly reduce expenditure and labour input in erection of any facilities. When metal structures are used, the civil construction time schedule is reduced significantly.

When metal structures are created, they are improved continuously. It is important to enhance the availability of metal products at the plant always so that the structure would be ready for installation on site. The metal structure manufacture is a fairly complex process because it is necessary to achieve the product versatility, but not to forget about varying demands. It is important to manufacture the elements according to diagrams, but to remember about their different function.

Also, different materials can be used for manufacture. For example, steel is used for manufacture of frames, that is especially strong structures. It is highly resistant to mechanical loading. And aluminium is used for lightweight metal structures.

Advantages of metal structures in civil construction

First, light weight. It is especially noticeable if metal structure is compared with reinforced concrete structure.
Second, it is serial production. They are manufactured as series which simplifies manufacture, and consequently makes the finished product cheaper.
Third, installation simplicity. Metal structures are easily installed and easily removed.
Fourth, high rate of installation. Taking into consideration the fact that manufacture is being improved continuously, structures are assembled at manufacturing plants as complete as possible so that to save time and efforts at the installation site.
And at last, strength. Metal structures withstand maximum loads and are used for many years without any loss of their properties and characteristics.

(ATTENTION! Strommashina plant manufactures all types of metal structures. Our plant has everything necessary for this type of works: sufficient areas for deployment and assembly of actually any orders, profile and specialized equipment and, the main thing – highly skilled personnel capable of solving the most complex technical problems. To order metal structures, you may contact our managers listed in "contact" section of our web site).

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