Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Ball mill MShС 900Х1800 (СМ6007А) with central discharge for wet material grinding of medium hardness

Ball mill SM6007А with central discharge is designed for wet grinding of various types of ores and construction materials of medium hardness.

The mill is used in ore mining, mining and chemical and other types of industries and operates continuously in various flow diagrams in open or closed cycle.

The mill enables to give out homogeneous (in fineness) ground product using rods with diameter 40 mm and length 1700 mm.

Mill capacity depends on physical and mechanical characteristics of the material to be ground, grinding fineness, feeding uniformity, filling with grinding bodies and material, and maintenance personnel qualification.

As opposed to mills with ball charge the mills with rod charge differ by higher capacity, however more coarse grinding, and can be set as the first grinding stage before the ball mills.

The mill consists of a drum, charging cover, discharge cover, carrying rollers, drive and a feeder. The drum is a steel hollow cylinder lined from inside with metal plates protecting it from wear. Charging and discharge covers are protected by end lining plates.

Carrying roller consists of a split-type (in two planes) body and two rollers fixed on spherical bearings. Ball mill grinding drive consists of an electric motor, gear box, and a casing with pinion fixed on the common frame. The mill can be completed with combined and a drum feeder

Mill charging with material and water is carried out by means of a feeder and a charging plug installed on the charging cover. Material entered the mill with water is grinded by grinding bodies and transferred from the charge end to the discharge end under pressure of continuously fed material.

Completely ground material in form of a pulp going through the discharge plug and screen being installed in the discharge cover proceeds for its intended purpose.

Perfomance data

Mill type MShС
Mill index SM6007А
Rated drum volume, m3 0,9
Drum inner diameter without lining, mm 900
Drum length (without lining), mm 1860
Rotation frequency of the mill, rpm. 37
Capacity, t/h 0,7-2
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), mm 5400х2200х1600
Mill weight without grinding bodies, t 5,2
Weight of grinding bodies, t 1,7
Installed power, kW 22
Rotation frequency, rpm. 730
Supply voltage, V 380
Reduction ratio 20
TU 4844-003-54028 986-2003 OKP code 484421

* Grinding bodies are supplied separately.

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