Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Ball mills 2000x7000 and 2000x10500

Ball mills 2000x7000 and 2000x10500

Drum ball mills 2000x7000 and 2000x10500 belong to tube ball mill type of continuous operation with central discharge. These ball mills are designed for grinding of ore and non-metallic minerals and construction materials of medium hardness. The aggregate can be used in ore, mining, chemical, and many other industries.

Grinding bodies are pressed to drum walls by the centrifugal force and lifted up while the mill rotates. The grinding media crushes the material, grinds it, and partially pulverizes under gravity action.

A loader is placed in the middle of the drum. It is used as a partition system, which forms two separate charging and discharging hollows. The first hollow has discharging windows on the drum walls; the second is equipped with guide blades system and a discharge cone. Discharge windows are covered by special ends in case of an open cycle process.

The mill has a central drive; its drive shaft, connected to outlet journal motor and gearbox are placed in separate room to minimize dust intrusion.

A bearing consists of a frame, back of bearing with white metal lining, bearing half housing, and cover bearing frame which is welded and bedded into concrete foundation. Bearing block and bearing half housing mate by spherical surface It provides bearing self-aligning during the process. The bearing half with white metal lining is cooled by water.
Central drive includes the following main units: cylindrical one stage gearbox, flexible coupling, line shaft from gearbox to the mill with two gear couplings, motor with auxiliary drive, which designed for repair works and consists of two gearboxes, over-speed coupling, and an electric motor.

Automatic cut-out and relay-contactor equipment are delivered mounted in control station desk and serve for power equipment control. Electric equipment, which is installed on the machine, is provided with all required ground clips. The starting equipment is fixed in final position for the avoidance of an unintentional disengagement. The aggregate is provided with electric blocking, automation, and control system.

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