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Tube ball mill 2x10,5M

Purpose, construction, functional principle and technical characteristics.

Tube ball mill (ball-tube mill) 2х10,5M is tube type mill of continuous operation for dry grinding of different ore and non-metallic minerals, construction materials of medium hardness and disigned for  metallurgy, chemicals, construction materal manufacturing and other industry branches.

Ball-tube mill  2x10,5M
Ball-tube mill  2x10,5M
  1. Charging machine
  2. Bearings
  3. Drum
  4. Hollow journals
  5. Discharging machine
  6. Subshaft
  7. Gearbox
  8. Auxiliary drive
  9. Motor
  10. One-shot lubricating system

The picture perfomes ball-tube mill 2х10,5 whith central drive. Drum 3 is mounted into bearings 2, motor 9 set it to rotation by gearbox 7 and subshaft 6. Charging machine 1 load material into the drum, and discharging machine 5 unload finished product. Charging and discharging interchamber section is placed in the middle of the drum. The mill is supplied with one-shot lubricating system 10 for gearbox and bearings. The mill is also supplied with auxiliary 8. Water feeded into the mill from device 11 to reduce temperature and remove static electricity, which arise in the second chamber as a result of clinker and additives detrition. Device 11 consist of pump,   distributing system, ducting and injection valve.

Grinding goes in following way:

(Ball mill 2х10,5 pic. 1.2)
  1. Charging chute
  2. Feeder
  3. Cored screw
  4. Hollow journal
  5. Interchamber partition
  6. Cone
  7. End grate
  8. Blades
  9. Cone
  10. Tube screw
  11. Tube section
  12. Windows
  13. Screen plate
  14. Finished product pipe
  15. Tube section

Material loads to charging chute 1 and goes to the fist drum chamber through feeder 2 and cored screw 3, which set in hollow journal 4. Grinding material pushes gradually through the first chamber with grinding bodies to interchamber partion 5. Then with the help of gaps in the partition and elevator blades it goes up trough cone 6, which directs it to the second chamber with cylpebs.   Part of material can be direted to the first chamber again if it is necessary. Finished material is unloaded through the gaps of screen plate 7 while grinding and followes to tube screw 10 by blades 8 and cone 9. Screw drives material into tube section 11 and it gets onto screen plate 13 by pouring  through windows 12. Grinding bodies stay on the screen plate and then they are carried away though tube section 15. Finished product comes to the stroage through tube section 14. This process type called open, and mill called lead-through.

Grinding bodies are pressed to drum walls by inertia centrifugal force and lifted up while the mill rotates. They beat the material, crush it and partially pulverize under gravity action, which overcome inertia vertical lift component and lead to frictional force.  Cylpebs continue pulverize fine crushed material.

Mill drum is welded from M16C steel sheets. Inner drum surface is lined with liner plates of wear-resisting alloy steel and acoustic lining. The first chamber is lined with heel plates, and the second – with double breaking and channeled plates. Rubber lining is allowable in some cases.

Loader is placed in the middle of the drum. It is made as partition system, which forms two separate charging and discharging hollows. The first space has discharging windows on the drum walls. The second space is equipped with guide blades system and discharge cone. Discharge windows is covered by special ends in case of open cycle process.

The mill has central drive and its drive shaft connected to outlet journal. Motor and gearbox  are placed in separate room to minimize dust intrusion.
Bearing consist of frame, back of bearing with white metal lining, bearing half housing and cover. Bearing frame is welded and beded into concrete foundation. Bearing block and bearing half housing mate by spherical surface. It provides bearing self-aligning during the process. Bearing half with white metal lining is cooled by water and has 120 degrees angle of journal contact. Bearing end is welded.

Central drive includes the following main units: cylindrical one stage gearbox, flexible coupling, line shaft from gearbox to the mill with two gear couplings, motor with auxiliary  drive, which designed for repair works and consist of two gearbox, over-speed coupling and electric motor.

Synchronous armored motor of three phase current installed for main drive and asynchronous enclosed fan-cooled motors of three phase current with short-circuit rotor for other auxiliary machines.  The installed power of 2x10,5 m ball mill electric motor is 500 kW.

Automatic cut-out and relay-contactor equipment are delivered mounted in control station desk and serve for power equipment control.

Electric equipment, installed on the machine is provided with all required ground clips. Starting equipment is fixed in final position for the avoidance of unintentional disengagement.

The machine is provided with electric blocking, automation and control system. By means of it process start and finish are followed by the signal, and all mechanisms start up in strict sequence from the end of work flow till main drive motor.

Process parameters, mill capacity, mill mechanisms conditions and its lubrication system are controlled remotely.

Technical characteristics

Mill type Two-chamber ball mill / one-chamber ball mill
Mill index 2х10,5
Rated drum working volume, m³ 29
Drum inner diameter without lining, mm 2000
Drum length, mm 10 500
Rotation frequency of the mill, rpm. main drive – 23, auxiliary drive – 0,245
Capacity, t/h up to 27
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), mm 21355х4720х3600
Mill weight with grinding bodies, kg 154 000
Maximum weight of grinding bodies, kg * 32 000
Installed power of electric motor, kW main – 500, auxiliary –7,5
Supply voltage, V 6/10
Cooling water

* Grinding bodies are supplied seperately

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