Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Concrete-pouring machines

SMZ 306A

Concrete-pouring machine of a console type SMZ 306А is designed for pouring and laying of concrete mixture into the sections of cassette assemblies located in the bays of interior walls panels, slabs and separate floor plates.

Concrete-pouring machine of a console type is mounted on a railtrack of a stockhouse belt conveyor on which it is moving when operation. Concrete-pouring machine can be assembled on erection site both in the right and in the left versions; herewith the completeness for both versions is the same.

Concrete-pouring machine is operated in the following way: feeder is installed by its discharge part above the cassette assembly prepared for loading and formation. From concrete-pouring machine operating console the operator gives the allowing signal in the concrete mixing department for start-up and loading of stockhouse belt conveyor with concrete mixture, on a rail track of which the concrete-pouring machine is moving. Concrete mixture is transported on a slope section of a concrete-pouring machine and through the unloading cone and a chute is loaded on feeder conveyor belt, wherefrom it enters the cassette assembly sections through unloading cone and feeder turning chute.

Balanced load of cassette assembly sections is reached by the operator be means of back-and-forth movement of concrete-pouring machine on a railtrack paralleled to sections of a cassette assembly and periodical feeder turning while section loading. For autonomous adjustment of   concrete mixture feeding from the feeder belt into the cassette assembly sections, the feeder chute is performed full revolving.

Performance data:

Feeder rated capacity, m3/h 52
Track width , mm 1100
Control remote
Speed of movement , m/s 0,2
Installed power, kW, not more 4,5
Feeder belt width,  mm ,  not more 650
Feeder belt movement speed, m/s 1,25
Distance from concrete mixture loading center till unloading center, mm
Feeder rotation frequency, sec-1 (rpm) 0,005 (0,3)
Feeder rotation angle, degree. 120
Feeder rotation radius ,  mm 4500
Chute rotation angle ,  degree 360
Chute rotation drive manual
Overall dimensions,  mm
width ( with maximum feeder outreach)
height (from a rail head)
Mass, kg,  not more 5100


Сoncrete-pouring machine SMZ 71А is designed for pouring concrete into forms mounted on the   stretched out stands, on the concrete product plants.

Сoncrete-pouring machine is operated in the following way: concrete-pouring machine hopper is loaded on the place of loading in the buckets. Сoncrete-pouring machine with loaded hopper is headed under its own power to the post-forming. Upon reaching the post-forming unloading cone is installed above the mold by turning of the beam, and then the feeder drive is switched on. Concrete from hopper enters the transporting belt and is supplied to unloading chute by the belt movement and further to the mold. Pouring concrete to the molds is effected when movement of concrete-pouring machine “forward“, “backward“. Upon completion of forming the concrete-pouring machine is headed to loading post and later on the operations are repeated.

Performance data:

Capacity, m3/h, max 22,5
Volume of hopper, m3 1,8
Feeder belt movement speed, m/s (m/min) 0,1 and 0,2 (6  and 12)
Belt width, mm 500
Сoncrete-pouring machine traveling speed, m/min. 12
Feeder turning angle around the vertical axis, degree. 340
Maximum grade ascending ability for belt feeder boom, degree. 15
Track,  mm 1000
Installed power, kW 13,3
Dimensions,  mm  
Length 6640
Width 2810
Height   4210
Feeder turning radius,  mm 4350
Mass (without  balance weight), kg, not more 4800

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