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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Cyclone SIOT

Cyclone SIOT

Cyclones SIOT-M and SIOT-M1 are designed for coarse and medium gas cleaning from dry, unsticking and nonabrasive dust.

Use of cyclones SIOT-M, SIOT-M1 in the conditions of explosive environment is not permissible. It is recommended to use SIOT cyclones at initial dust content up to 300 g/m3.

Based on the examination results as well as production inspection hold by AO VNIIOT VTsSPS (Yekaterinburg), the recommendations on improving the effectiveness (dust and gas cleaning) were worked out and constructions of two modifications of cyclones SIOT were suggested:

  • Improved effectiveness  – SIOT-M;
  • Improved effectiveness and output – SIOT-M1.

As opposed to cyclone SIOT of old version, the new version 5.907-1 additionally includes three more numbers of bigger diameter (No.8… No.10), since the improvement of a flow structure in modernized cyclones enables to have during operation rather high cleaning efficiency in the devices of large sizes.

The cyclone and hopper design has been modified in order to simplify manufacture and improve the operation of the devices:

  • Twister design has been simplified (instead of twister with screw cover it is performed in a spiral shape);
  • Twister version in a form of a flat is excluded since the local resistance coefficient of a cyclone with such a twister is higher than with the spiral twister;
  • Cyclone body height is decreased by 25…30%, and diameter of dust releasing hole is increased;
  • Body walls thickness is increased from 2 mm to 3 mm.

In SIOT-M cyclones there is a blind cylindrical insert between the body and hopper, as a result, the vortex intensity is artificially decreased in the lower part of the body and in the hopper and as a consequence, reentrainment of dust is decreased. In comparison with SIOT design total entrainment of dust is decreased 2- 2,5 times.

In SIOT-M1 cyclones between the body and hopper the insert-twister is installed (as in dust collectors VZP). The main dust-laden flow enters the upper part of the cyclone and the additional flow is supplied to the lower cyclone part.

Optimum speed of cleaned air flow at the twister inlet for all SIOT cyclones equals to 15 m/s. Air flow temperature shall not exceed 400 С.

Performance data

DescriptionSIOT-M №1SIOT-M №2SIOT-M №3SIOT-M №4SIOT-M №9SIOT-M №10
Capacity on air m3/h15003000450060001500017500
D, mm70310151242142812421428
Н, mm207528953479395059446334
b, b1,mm------
Weight, kg13824835745011251285


DescriptionSIOT-M №9SIOT-M №10
Capacity on air m3/h1500017500
D, mm12421428
Н, mm59446334
b, b1,mm--
Weight, kg11251285

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