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Sleeve filter SMC166B

Sleeve filter (bag filter) is intended for dedusting of industrial gases from various processing plants of cement industry and civil industry; chamber pulsed filtration.

Filter consists of a casing divided into two chambers, collectors, filter sleeves with hitch attachment, valves, gates and electrical equipment.

Depending on the required filter area, filters are grouped in assembly mountings consisting of one or more filters yet no more than 4 in one line.

In filtering mode dust-laden gas enters the inner cavity of filter sleeves through feeding collectors under external vacuum created by fan.

Gases penetrating through filter fabric pores are discharged into the atmosphere and dust is kept by the fibers. When dust layer thickness increases, moving gas resistance through filter grows up what leads to decrease of its capacity, therefore removal of the originated dust layer within a given period occurs automatically – polymerous regeneration of sleeves fiber occurs.

Regeneration is carried out by reverse scavenging method of sleeves by compressed air that is fed automatically by electromagnetic valve. Scavenging air goes through fabric and a dust layer in the direction reverse to the operational, sleeves deformation occurs and dust layer destruction, following which the second chamber is off for regeneration. The dust dropped off the sleeves enters the hopper and is removed from filter through the gates. Sleeve filter control units are designed for automatic and manual control over the regeneration system operation of one or a group of sleeve filters. Automatic operation mode for the units implies cyclic regeneration of each filter section with a specific period and duration. Period and duration are possible to change promptly depending on specific conditions. Automatic regeneration is also provided depending on the extent of filter clogging.
Transition to manual control mode is performed by using one button. It is possible in this mode to control manually filter regeneration by means of pushing the relevant buttons on the unit front panel.

Unit mounting is performed in a convenient place for the user.

Performance data

DescriptionSMC 166B
Filter area, m2            30
Filter speed, m/min. ( to be determined depending on dust characteristics at fixing the filter in the processing plant)1,2
Capacity, m3/h2160
Dust content at inlet, g/m350
Dust content at outlet, g/m30,1
Allowable temperature for gas, оС140
Air resistance, Pa1900
Installed power, kW0,1
Sleeve diameter, mm200
Number of sleeves, pcs.        24
Compressed air pressure for regeneration, Mpa0,3-0,6
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), mm1058х2010х4215
Power voltage, V380
Weight without electrical equipment, kg, not more990
Normative document TU 4841-004-00239468-94 OKP code 484141

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