Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Sleeve filter SMC40B

Sleeve filter (bag filter) is intended for dedusting of various industrial gases from industrial plants operating in different branches of industries: construction materials, cement industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.

Three basic filter models are produced with filter area 35, 60, 90 sq.m, that depending on efficiency can be installed consequently up to 5 in a row.

The filter consists of a casing divided by the grid to chambers of dusted and cleaned gas, frames, filter sleeves, collectors, locking and regeneration device.

When sequenced installation of several filters, collectors of dust and clean gases having a common internal wall are performed with changeable area of cross-section with the purpose of even gas distribution on filters.

Collector arrangement allows excluding of deposition of dust in them, minimizes possibility of repeated dust return from hopper to the sleeve surface and considerably simplifies gas duct communication.

Presence of gates on collectors inlet enables to shut off separate filters for maintenance support and repair without interruption of a processing line.

Frame structure enables to regulate sleeve tension and control their condition without preliminary dismantling.

Dust-laden gases due to vacuum created by fan enter the dust-laden gas chamber through collectors and going through filter sleeves are discharged dedusted into the atmosphere and dust settles on the outer sleeve surface. As far as the dust settles the gas movement resistance through filter increases, therefore to maintain filter resistance and its productivity in the set limits, the removal of dust layer formed occurs automatically within a given period – regeneration of sleeves. Period of time through which sleeves regeneration is necessary to be hold is determined by experience manner ascending the sleeves resistance.

Regeneration is carried out by means of reverse blasting by compressed air through receivers installed on a filter, electromagnetic valves, blowout pipes and orifices.
Regeneration is carried out consequently into each of eight groups of sleeves, i.e. without shutting down the whole filter from operation mode.

Collected dust drops in the receiving hopper and is removed through the gate.

Control boxes for sleeve filters are designed for automatic and manual control of regeneration system operation of one or a group of sleeve filters.

Automatic operation mode for the units implies cyclic regeneration of each filter section with a specific period and duration. Period and duration are possible to change promptly depending on specific conditions. Automatic regeneration is also provided depending on the extent of filter clogging.

Transition to manual control mode is performed by using one button. It is possible in this mode to control manually filter regeneration by means of pushing the relevant buttons on the unit front panel.

Units overall dimensions are minimized by means of using high-tech Siemens components (Germany).

Unit mounting is performed in a convenient place for the user.

Performance data

Filter area, m2 SMC 40B1 35 SMC 40B2 60 SMC 40B3 90
Filter speed, m/min. (is to be determined depending on dust characteristics at fixing the filter in the processing plant)1,51,51,5
Capacity, m3/h315054008100
Dust content at inlet, g/m3100100100
Dust content at outlet, g/m3 0,050,050,05
Allowable temperature for gas, оС140*140*140*
Air resistance, Pa200020002000
Installed power, kW0,160,160,32
Sleeve diameter, mm180180180
Number of sleeves, pcs.        484848
Compressed air pressure for regeneration, Mpa0,2-0,60,2-0,60,2-0,6
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), mm2200х3100х45002200х3100х57002200х3100х6800
Power voltage, V380380380
Weight without electrical equipment, kg, not more180022002500
Normative documentTU 22-106-70-89 OKP code 484500

* filter supply is possible with high temperature sleeves (up to 220оС).

Note: filter control electric equipment - control unit, to be supplied separately.

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