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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Hammer mill 2000х2590х750

Hammer tangential mill 2000х2590х750Hammer tangential mill 2000х2590х750

Hammer mills are designed for getting fine grinded products in the process of simultaneous material grinding and drying. A hammer mill is used for soft minerals grinding and medium hardness minerals grinding. Hammer mills are used to dry and grind coal, dry and grind gypsum, dry and grind dolomite, dry and grind sandstone, dry and grind talc, dry and grind kaolin, dry and grind shell stone, as well as other minerals with similar characteristics.

The key hammer tangential mill advantages are the grinding unit energy saving operation and an outstanding ability of this grinder to simultaneously dry grind and dry raw material. The other grinders (ball mills, pebble mills, roller mills, roller mills, etc.) do not have such feature.

Another unique hammer tangential mill characteristic is the forced ventilation inside of the grinding aggregate, as well as a high mill rotor speed. Together, these specifications make “Strommashina” hammer tangential mills an excellent choice for any factory that needs soft minerals grinding or medium hardness minerals grinding.

A hammer mill grinder consists of a drum cylinder (casing) with a frame, a rotor, classifier, support and thrust bearings, pin flexible coupling, and an electric motor.
The material intended for grinding is loaded tangentially into the mill.

Fine grinding (secondary grinding) is achieved by the repeated impact of beaters on the entered raw material. The material is pressed against the body armor of the grinding unit. That is how the feed material gets pulverized inside of the hammer tangential mill. Also, the material is grinded inside of the grinder while migrating in the clearance between the body armor of the hammer tangential mill and its rotor.

The grinded material gets unloaded from the grinding chamber into a separator where oversized lumps are separated and, thereafter, return back into the grinder until the desired product comes out.

The grinded and dried material is unloaded from the grinder with a dust-air flow into the dust-laying system.

Strommashina corp. is an outstanding hammer mills manufacturer. Our high standards, together with more than 50 years of grinding equipment manufacturing, make us one of the top grinding units manufacturers and specifically a top hammer mill manufacturer.


Technical characteristics

Rotor diameter, mm 2000
Rotor length, mm 2590
Rotor rotation frequency, min-1 (rpm) 750/600
Beaters peripheral velocity, m/c 51
Capacity, when grinding up to lump size 0,08 mm, t/h 30-60
Raw material – dolomite, limestone with lump size, mm Up to 40
Installed power, kW 1000/800
Mass, kg 6000
Water flow for mill shaft cooling, m3/h 0,3 – 0,8
Mass, kg 47500

Mill can be produced with drive mirroring on customers request.


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