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Layered cooler SM1250 (2281)

Cooler is designed for cooling keramzit gravel coming out of the rotary kiln down to temperature less than 100оС.

Layered cooler advantages as opposed to widely-spread, for example, drum coolers:
- small dimensions and metal consumption;
- stable provision of keramzit cooling down to the required temperature (lower than 100оС);
- absence of heavy dust units adapting the working conditions;
- heated air coming out of the cooler is not dusted and can be used for burning in the rotary kiln;
- absence of moving parts in high temperature zone provides safe and long-term cooler operation.

Cooler is a metal structure consisting of the receiving hopper, casing, sloping grates, drum unloader, plates limiting and dividing the layer of the material, air ducts of cold and hot air, air ducts of welding blast, inspection and maintenance manholes, spillage hoppers.

Cooler principle of operation is based on cooling keramzit in a flat inclined moving layer at two-times cross-blowing of the layer by outer air. Keramzit enters the receiving hopper of the cooler from the rotary kiln through the grid that entraps the cakes, bricks and large foreign objects. The necessary condition for layered cooler effective work is presence of keramzit layer sloping grates and its continuous movement. To maintain constant level of keramzit the cooler is equipped with automatic regulation system. To prevent keramzit agglomeration the air is supplied to the lower section of receiving hopper through perforated pipes.

Keramzit from the receiving hopper enters the sloping grates designed for moving layer formation and its cooling. Plated partitions are installed in the lower grids that separate the keramzit layer into three flows.

Emergency cooling system of keramzit water cooling is provided in the cooler; for this purpose above the lower sloping grates the perforated pipes are mounted each of those cools keramzit in its relevant section.

Cooled keramzit enters the drum unloader designed for unloading the cooled keramzit and regulation of cooler efficiency depending on variations of the kiln efficiency. Keramzit layer thickness is adjusted by automatic movement of the gate, remotely or manually. Keramzit cooling uniformity in the sections along the grates width is provided be means of regulating plates.

Air from the fan going through the lower and upper grates cools the keramzit layer moving on them, warms and is supplied to the kiln for fuel combustion.

Performance data

Cooler capacity, t/hour, not more 8
Requirements to granulometric composition of cooled material
a) material sizes, mm 0 - 150
b) quantity for fractions of less than 5 mm, %, not less 10
Material layer thickness on grate, mm, not less 200
Keramzit temperature entering the cooler, оС, not more 900
Keramzit average temperature leaving the cooler, оС, not more 80
Relative blowing rate for cooling, Nm 3/kg 1,5 - 2,0
Sloping grate area, м2, not less 14,3
Electric motors installed power, kW, not more 23,5
Specific power consumption, kW Т-1 h 2,9
Overall dimensions, mm, not more, length - width - height 4400х5500х7000
Mass, t, not more 17,5
TU 22-3405-75 OKP code 484681

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