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Multi roller centrifuga SMT 183А


Index name Value
Capacity (on fusion), kg/hour, within limits 2 000-3 600
Number of rollers, pcs. 4
Roller diameter, mm. Roller Ь1 /  Roller Ь2 235 / 340
Centrifuga travel speed, m/sec. 0,12
Water consumption for roller cooling, l/hour, not more 4 080
Installed power, kW 53,25
Удельный расход электроэнергии,  kg /( kg /hour) 0,027-0,015
Overall dimensions (length х width х height) not more ,  mm 1 860 х 1 960 х 1 255
Mass, kg, not more 2 980
Rod loading mass,  kg 8 250
Specific mass ,  kg /( kg / hour ) 0,82-1,49
Control cabinet overall dimensions ( length х width х height ), mm 1 340 х 360 х 2 000
Control cabinet mass. kg 277
Supply voltage, V 380

Multi roller centrifuga SMT 183А is designed for receiving mineral fiber from slag and stone fusions by means of centrifuge process.

Centrifuga is a part of technological lines equipment on production of mineral cotton and items from it; it is mounted in enclosed space with positive temperature.

Climatic version type for this centrifuga is – УХЛ GOST 15150 (Russian “UKhL” – “CTC” Cold-temperate climate). For timely and qualitative centrifuga technical servicing there shall be at least two centrifugas in operation within the technical line: one – in operational regime, the other one – in service mode.

 Centrifuga consists of a trolley with transportation drive, spindle with rollers (4 pcs.) and electric motors that power them, electrical equipment and pneumatic equipment (spindle lubrication plant).
Centrifuga SMT 183А-01 is additionally completed with centrifuga control cabinet.

Lubrication of spindle mounts is performed centralized by oil fog.

Rollers are cooled with water coming from the work shop main line. Water temperature is controlled on spindle outlet by means of sensors.

To liquidate vibration from spindle rotation the latter are installed on shock absorbers.

Centrifuga is operated in the following way. Lubricant shall be supplied to spindle bearing units. Water shall be supplied to rollers. Chain connection of spindle drives shall be effected. Fusion stream shall be directed from chute to the first roller.

Fibers appeared are blowing off from the rollers with help of air cabinet air systems.

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