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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Previously used asphalt concrete plant

A rebuilt ACP is a highly cost-efficient option. In terms of technical condition it is as good as a new DS-185 plant for half the price.

Our technical service has carried out comprehensive maintenance and rebuild of the plant: all wear materials replaced, electric equipment fully inspected, main components and assemblies replaced, the plant equipped with electronic weighing system.


  • Highly efficient liquid fuel burner installed;
  • New feeding system, bitumen system and drum dryer;
  • New reliable and efficient vibration screen;
  • All components and assemblies inspected and tested;
  • The plant equipped with electronic weighing system.

Condition of the plant's units and assemblies:

1. Feeding assembly
1.1.  Loading bins with feeders, 4 pcs – new;
1.2. Horizontal belt conveyor – Drive, turning and tension drums, rollers and roller supports – new, conveyor belt – new;
1.3.  Oversized material screen – new. Additional spare parts – 2 gratings for different asphalt grades;
1.4.  Inclined belt conveyor – new;

2. Drying assembly
2.1.  Drying drum – new. Frame - new.
2.2.  Furnace - new, Burner – new, custom-made for efficient combustion of low-grade liquid fuel. Fuel superheater installed. A gas burner installed for ignition purposes. Flame control system – new. Forced draft fan fitted with a frequency inverter. Processor-controlled burning process.
2.3. Fuel tank – new complete with filter and pump assembly.
2.4.  Induced draft fan – in good condition. Equipped with negative pressure sensor and frequency inverter. Loading box – new. Gas ducts – reconditioned and repaired. Discharge box repaired.
2.5. Cyclone battery repaired.
2.6. Smoke stack repaired.

3. Elevator repaired

4. Mixing tower
4.1. Vibrating screen - new. 
4.2. Hot material bins – new. Dedicated sensors for high material level indication. Low level controlled with weigh batcher setting.
4.3. Inert materials weigh batcher – new, Bitumen weigh batcher – new. Load sensors installed. Air cylinders – reconditioned. Air control valves – new. Oil and water separator – new.
4.4. Mixer – repaired. Bearings replaced, gate repaired.

5. Bitumen system
5.1.  Bitumen tank, capacity 50 m³, with oil heating – new. Thermocouple and temperature transducer – new.
5.2. Bitumen pumping plant, valves, bitumen lines – new.
5.3. Carrier heating station – new.

6. Operator cab
6.1.  The cab has been fitted with new thermal insulation and refurbished with new finishing materials. PVC windows installed. New air conditioner installed. All electric equipment replaced. Automatic weigh batchers installed, including mineral powder batchers, with data output for company management and accounting department. They transmit complete data on materials consumption and prevent theft or illegal asphalt sales. A PC station may be provided with plant process flow displayed on a graphic screen.
6.2.  ACP electric equipment – completely new. New cabling. Frequency inverters provided for feeders, forced-draft fan and induced-draft fan. Complete instrumentation, control and automation – new. new operator panel.

7. Air system – new screw compressor 1 m³/min, Italian-made air control valves – new, air cylinders include both new and repaired ones. Oil and water separator and air dryer – new.

Technical data:

Plant version Stationary
Rated throughput at feedstock (sand and gravel) moisture content of 3%, t/h 56
Rated power, kW, max 199
Feeding assembly bins capacity, pcs x m³ 4х8=32
Feeder type Belt conveyor, variable speed
Conveyor belt width, mm 500
Drum dryer, diameter х length, mm 1400х5600
Drum dryer drive Variable speed with soft start
Fuel type Liquid or gas
Number of aggregate batching fractions, pcs 4
Hot aggregate bin capacity, m³ 8.3
Maximum batch weight, kg 730
Mixer type Batch operation
Time required for one batch, sec 45..60
Total capacity of finished mixture assembly bins, t (m³) 72 (39)
Total capacity of mineral powder assembly bins, t (m³) 23
Total capacity of bitumen tanks, m³ 50
Type of dust removal unit Combined
Batchers type Weigh batchers with load cells
Control system Relay
Actuators action Electropneumatic

Please contact our sales managers if you need detailed information on the plant and a quotation for the configuration you require.

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