Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Rotary drum dryer SMC 69

Is designed for creasing and drying of granules of clay used in keramzit production. It is supplied with starting equipment.

Rotary dryer drum consists of the following main assembly units: drum with heat exchanger pipes, drive, loading and unloading chambers, chute, hot end drum seal, cold end drum seal, support station, thrust and support station, ring gear pair housing.

Drum casing is a hollow cylinder welded from separate sidewalls with screw heads and tubular heat exchangers inside.

Two steel tyres are the support of the casing. They are mounted on the drum casing. The casing is supported by its tyres on the support and thrust - support stations. One tyre for thrust and support station is beveled from the ends for thrust rollers which prevent longitudinal shift of the drier. Ring gear is fixed on the drum casing by means of cross-beams, through which the drum is rotating from the drive.

Chambers are mounted on the ends of a drum casing through which drying gases and material for drying are fed into and removed from/to the drum.

The drive consists of a drive pinion, gear box and electric motor connected between each other by couplings and installed on one frame.

In keramzit production the clay granules drying in SMC 69 drier is carried out by counterflow movement of drying gases.

Casing incline in combination with axial rotation provides the material shift towards the discharge chamber. Hot furnace gases enter the casing and touching the material heat it up evaporating the moisture it contains. Heat transmission occurs by two main methods: from furnace gases through outer surface of the lying material in the material pile, from more heated parts of heat exchanger inner device.

When changing the moisture of raw material or intensity of its supply to the drier, the drying mode can be adjusted by quantity of gases entering the drier and their temperature changing. The furnace gas temperature supplied to the drier shall not exceed 600oС. Outlet furnace gas temperature from the drum shall be not less than 100-150oC, in order to exclude the occurrence of moisture condensate in unloading drum part.

On furnace gas inlet of the drum there shall be vacuum not less than 30 Pa.
Fuel - gas, black oil, light liquid fuel.

Type Counterflow
Mode of operation Continuous
Drum casing size (diameter х length), mm 2800х14000
Drum volume, m3 84,2
Drum rotation speed, rpm 1,9/2,6/3,8
Drum casing incline towards the horizon, degree. 1-4
Heat carrier Furnace gases
Heat carrier temperature, оС, not more 600
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), mm 16900х4700х4500
Mass, kg 61200
Gear box C2U-400N-31,5
Motor: power, kW 22/30/37
Rotation speed, rpm. 750/1000/1500
Normative document TU 22-5813-84
OKP code 484681

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