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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Rotary kiln SM 875B (variable section), SM 875A(with powdering device)

Rotary kiln SM 875B (variable section), SM 875A(with powdering device)About rotary kilns
These rotary kilns (rotary furnaces) are designed for expanded clay gravel production. A rotary kiln consists of these main assembly units: kiln (furnace) casing, feeding chute and discharge chute, seals of cold and hot kiln ends, support station, thrust and support station, ring gear and its housing.

Rotary kilns` design and operation
The casing of a rotary kiln (rotary furnace) is a steel drum, consisting of separate drum shells. The drum shells` thickness is increased to 30 mm at those places where the bandages are touching the drum. The kiln casing is installed on two supports for which special foundations must be prepared. The supports consist of a welded frame and two support rollers, which position can be adjusted according to customer`s needs.
In order to control the rotary kilns (rotary furnace) casing position in longitudinal direction, the support which is near the drive has thrust rollers, the device for kiln rotation stoppage and an alarm on inadmissible rotary kiln axial shifts. Rotary Kiln cold end enters the loading head and the hot one – into the unloading head. Heads are equipped with sealing of cold and hot rotary kiln ends for eliminating air inflow. Fuel burner is installed on the discharge head. Sloping grate is mounted in the head lower section for spilling of inflating keramzit. The main drive is designed for rotary kiln rotation during the operation and then auxiliary one when firing, cooling, during rotary kiln repair and in emergencies. The main drive consists of open gearing, flexible coupling, drive reducing gear. Auxiliary drive consists of the reducing gear, motor and brake designed for rotary kiln stopping in the required position at repair, lining, erection and other works. Connection of auxiliary reducing gear with main reducing gear is executed through cammed coupling of free travel due to which there is a possibility of easy rotary kiln start-up for fast operating rotation from the auxiliary drive. Rotary kiln operation proceeds on the principle of counter-flow. Raw material went to kiln through the loading head chute is moving to the unloading end, of the kiln by means of its slope and rotation. Material when moving is subject to hot gases exposure moving from the burner towards the material. Physical and chemical processes of keramzit formation occur while the material movement in the hot gases zone. Firing of dried gummy granules is the most important processing operation that predetermines in many ways the quality of keramzit gravel and technical and economic performance of the enterprise.

“Strommashina” rotary kilns
“Strommashina” is an outstanding rotary kiln manufacturer (rotary furnace manufacturer). Our high standards, together with more than 50 years of firing units manufacturing, make us one of the top firing equipment manufacturers and specifically a rotary kiln manufacturer.

PV2,5х40 with powdering device (SM 875А)

Capacity  m3/year keramzit “400“ 115000
kiln casing length, m 40
Inner diameter, m 2,5
Kiln slope, % 3,5
Number of supports, pcs. 2
Type of bearing supports rolling
Kiln mass, t, not more 111
Rotation speed
а) from main drive, rpm 2,5
b)  from auxiliary drive, rph 3,1
Rotation speed adjustment smooth
Electric motor power  
а) main drive, kW 33
b) auxiliary drive,  kW 2,2
Normative document: TU 22-106-61-89

Rotating kiln of variable section SM 875B

Kiln capacity at keramzit grade 350, m3/hour 16,8
Drum dimensions:  
Inner diameter of the first drum casing, m, not more 2,5
Length, m, not more 20,5
Inner diameter of the second drum casing, m 3
Length, m, not more 16,5
Cone length, m,  not more 3
Installed capacity - kW, not more 38
Mass (without  SPTA ), t,  not more 125
Kiln slope, degree (%) 2 (3,5)
Specific energy consumption in kiln operation mode set, kW•h/m3,  not more 2,55
specific reference fuel consumption  in kiln operation mode set, kg ref. fuel./m3 55
Kiln casing rotation speed:  
From main drive, rpm. 0,8-2,52
From auxiliary drive, rph 3,1
Kiln overall dimensions  
Length, m,  not more 47
WIdth, m,  not more 5,5
Heiht, m,  not more 7,4
TU 22-106-68-90 OKP code 484681  

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