Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Sleeve filter SFR

Sleeve filter SFR (bag filter) is designed for dust removal of various industrial gases separating from processing plants operating in many industrial spheres:

  • Sand, cement, lime stone, gypsum and similar mineral dust in manufacture of construction materials;
  • Flour and sugar dust in food industry;
  • Ash and furnace black when cleaning furnace gases;
  • Oxides and salts of non-ferrous metals and iron in non-ferrous and ferrous industry;
  • Fibrous dust in light and paper industry and in production of mineral and organic insulants.

Dust-laden gases due to vacuum created by fan enter the dust-laden gas chamber through collectors and going through the filter sleeves are discharged dedusted into the atmosphere and dust settles on the outer sleeve surface. As far as the dust settles the gas movement resistance through filter increases, therefore to maintain filter resistance and its productivity in the set limits, the removal of dust layer formed occurs automatically within a given period – regeneration of sleeves. Period of time through which sleeves regeneration is necessary to be hold is determined by experience manner ascending the sleeves resistance. Regeneration is carried out by means of reverse blasting by compressed air through receivers installed on a filter, electromagnetic valves, blowout pipes and orifices.

All the filter sections are equipped with removable covers with safe seal for convenient access to the sleeves. It is not required to have personnel inside the device since the erection and replacement of sleeves is effected on top of the filter.

The most widespread among the sleeve filters are the devices with sleeves regeneration and compressed air impulses.

The investigations executed by engineering center allowed working out the design of regeneration sleeve assembly unit providing the maximum increase of air pressure impulse in the sleeve at lesser air consumption as well as decrease of aerodynamic resistance of a filtering section.

By means of compressed air impulses, sleeves regeneration of each row occurs. Compressed air impulses are supplied alternately from air valves to the sleeves located in rows in automatic mode under commands of control system.

Modern device control electronic system provides the following:

  • Regeneration sleeves control upon the algorithm set;
  • Gas temperature control at filter inlet (additional option);
  • Connection with Automatic Process Control System of upper level;
  • Emergency signal in case of troubles.

Main advantages of sleeve filter SFR made by Samara plant “Strommashina”:

  • Filtering area increased from 90 to 540 m2;
  • For effective maintenance of sleeve filters the design is equipped with stairs;
  • Use of effective regeneration methods for filter sleeve, control electronic systems and regeneration control;
  • Operative delivery of high-wearing repair parts.

Several base models for sleeves were worked out with filter area that depending on efficiency can be mounted consequently in line. Below are the comparative data on filter characteristics currently in operation

Performance data


SFR 90

SFR 135

SFR 180

SFR 270

SFR 360

SFR 405

SFR 540

Number of filters SMC 40B3, pcs. 1 1,5 2 3 4 4,5 6
Filter area, m2, not less 90 135 180 270 360 405 540
Design capacity on clean gas at filter speed 1,5 m/min, m3/h 8100 12150 16200 24300 32400 36450 48600
Filter speed within limits, m/min                                                                                  
From 1,2 to 1,8
Dust concentration at filter inlet, g/m3, 100
Dust concentration at filter outlet, g/m3 0,05
Number of filter sleeves, pcs. 81 81 81 162 162 273 273
Number of impulse valves with electromagnet drive 9 9 9 18 18 27 27
Negative pressure in filter, Pa, not more 3500
Air pressure for regeneration, mPa from 0,4 to 0,8
Overall dimensions, mm, not more:
Length 4800 (3000)
Width 2255 (2255) 4510 (4510) 6765 (6765)
Height 7430 (4800) 8200 (5650) 9000 (6500) 8200 (5650) 9000 (6500) 8200 (5650) 9000 (6500)
Mass, t, not more 3,45 (2.23) 3,9 (2,7) 4,35 (3,1) 7,8 (5,4) 8,7 (6,1) 11,7 (8,1) 13.05 (9,2)

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