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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Trapezium roller mill

About a roller mill (trapezoidal with a separator)

Roller mills are widely used in the various industries like: mining, construction, chemical, metallurgical, and many others. Roller mills are successfully utilized to grind material with the hardness of not more than 6%. The roller mill (rolling mill) is used for medium hardness materials grinding and soft materials grinding (of less than 9.3 Moh`s). The acquired particles` fraction varies between 0.045-1.6 mm and might be regulated upon customer’s grinding requirements. A trapezoidal roller mill unit with a separator is designed to grind more than 1000 various materials. The unit is used as a cement grinder, clinker grinder, gypsum grinder, limestone grinder, coal grinder, talc grinder, spar grinder, dolomite grinder, marble grinder, slag grinder. It can also be used to grind granite, to grind quartz, to grind sandstone, and so on.

Short description

Trapezoidal roller mill with a separator is an industrial mill which includes in itself modern engineering solutions, existing nowadays in the grinding equipment industry. A trapezoidal roller mill has flexible couplings, connecting exertion of an abrasive roller, etc. This mill type is successfully implemented at various plants requiring different capacities. The roller mill capacity can vary from very little to very large, for example a roller mill for cement production or a roller mill for limestone production. Also, another advantages of a roller mill lies in its low energy consumption.

Technical advantages of a roller mill:

  1. High reduction ratio (crushing factor). In a roller mill, a roller and a ring are engineered stepwise; this lowers the speed of materials movement and prolongs the grinding time. In complex, these factors increase the reduction ratio (crushing factor). That is to say, these factors make fine grinding possible.
  2. Constant amortization. Such grinding machine has a low noise level. In this milling unit, the springs are implemented to achieve the balance of a boost, and elastic connections are implemented for continuous amortization. This allows to increase the power point up to 40% and to lower noises.
  3. Increased classification accuracy. A separator with the high density is used in this grinding machine. Without changing the speed of the roller mill, or increasing the sheet density, the fineness of grind is raised and the mill’s capacity is also raised up to 50%,
  4. High efficiency and low energy consumption. In this grinding unit, a centrifugal exhauster is used. Exhauster’s using efficiency is almost 85%.
  5. Convenience. In such roller mill, a spinner of a regulating unit is installed. The space between the bottom part of the concentrator’s sheet and the mill’s casing, allows regulating the grinding fineness.



A standard roller mill consists of a mill, classifier, reducer, electric motor, air blower, dust collector, piping, etc.

“Strommashina” roller mills

“Strommashina” is an outstanding roller mill manufacturer. Our high standards, together with more than 50 years of grinding units manufacturing, make us one of the top grinding equipment manufacturers and specifically a top trapezoidal roller mill manufacturer.