Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Cyclone СM

Cyclone СM with reverse cone is an all-purpose improved design of СOK cyclone.

Cyclones СM (dust-collecting equipment) are designed for cleaning gas-aerial effluent from granular and fibrous dust; from dust apt to adhesion; from dust (ground product wastes) of light, food and printing industries, from dust (dust and gas cleaning) appearing when processing agricultural products; heavy abrasive dust.

Cyclones are not recommended to use for setting of adhering dust on the air ducts walls as well as cementing dust.

Cyclone СM is slightly exposed to abrasive wear. Due to the fact that air flow speeds in the inlet branch pipe and in particular in the lower part of a cyclone body are not high, wall abrasion does not happen even at deposition of highly abrasive dust as in cyclones of СN type.

Air inflow in the hopper does not affect the effectiveness of dust deposition, since the air flow going through the central opening in the bumper cone does not prevent the dust movement to the hopper.

During the continuous СM cyclone operation it is possible to have fibrous dust deposition on the lugs of bumper cone cross bar therefore it is necessary to effect periodical cleaning through cyclones hatches with hopper.

Cyclone scheme with hopper on the mounting bracket

Performance data

Cyclones СM with hopper

DescriptionCyclone СM-500Cyclone СM-600Cyclone СM-800Cyclone СM-1000
Capacity on air, m3/h2200-35003200-60006000-90009000-15000
Diameter, mm5006008001000
Height, mm3625436058307310
Weight, kg136171272421

Cyclone TsM with с box

DescriptionCyclone Ya-СM500UCyclone Ya-СM600U
Capacity on air, m3/h2200-35003200-6000
Diameter, mm500600
Height, mm 35804170
Weight, kg300325

Cyclones СM with hopper on support

DescriptionCyclone P-СM500UCyclone P-СM600UCyclone P-СM800UCyclone P-СM1000U
Capacity on air, m3/h2200-35003200-60006000-90009000-15000
Diameter, mm5006008001000
Height, mm4550532068808450
Weight, kg295350540725

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