Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Drum Nodulizers

Drum nodulizers are designed for nodulizing and moistening the agglomeration mix to give it graininess and increased gas permeability. Nodulizers are used in one technological line with sintering machines.

The drum nodulizer consists of the following main units: the cylindrical drum, four support rollers, two thrust rollers, the drive, the mix wetting device, the scar-cleaning device, and the portal for hanging of the cleaning device.

The drum is a hollow cylinder made by welding steel sheets together. Drums consist of several sections connected by bolts. To ensure the accuracy and strength of the connection, there are aligning grooves at the ends of the sections. The drum rests on the support rollers with steel bandages, which can be either removable on linings and wedge assembly or welded to the pipe shells.

The steel toothed rim fixed to the collet of the section is responsible for the rotation of the drum. Toothed rims are cast and consist of two halves connected by bolts. The drive of the drum rotation includes the electric motor, the gear connected by clutches to the electric motor, and by the gear pinion embankment meshed with the drum toothed rim. The gear pinion embankment is mounted on spherical roller bearings enclosed in a cast housing. To align the gaps, the casing of the gear pinion can be moved in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the drum.

Each support roller is pressed onto an axis, which rests on spherical roller bearings installed in the cast casing. Two screw-type stops fixed to the frame from the outside of the roller housing are used for the adjustment of the position of the support roller relative to the drum shroud and its fixing. Each thrust roller is installed on roller bearings mounted on a vertical axis.

Drum Nodulizers

Drum Nodulizer

Technical Specifications
Nodulizer TypeОБ-3,2*8ОБ-3,2*12,5
Productivity, t / h514450
Internal drum diameter, m3,23,2
Drum length, m812,5
Angle of the drum axis inclination, ...°0,3-1,31-4
Drum rotation frequency, RPM4,82-9,643,86-7,7
Electric motor power, kW60/90/120/200110/175
Dimensions, mm: - length - width - height10623 6123 510216585 6330 5458
Weight, t6087,8