Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Bag filter manufacturer

Bag filters (sleeve filter) is a type of dust-removing equipment, designed for dust removal of various industrial gases separating from processing plants operating in many industrial spheres.

The most widespread among the sleeve filters are the devices with sleeves regeneration and compressed air impulses.

The investigations executed by engineering center allowed working out the design of regeneration sleeve assembly unit providing the maximum increase of air pressure impulse in the sleeve at lesser air consumption as well as decrease of aerodynamic resistance of a filtering section.

By means of compressed air impulses, sleeves regeneration of each row occurs. Compressed air impulses are supplied alternately from air valves to the sleeves located in rows in automatic mode under commands of control system.

Main types of sleeve filter made by Samara plant “Strommashina”:
·  Sleeve filter SFR
·  Sleeve filter SMC40B
·  Sleeve filter SMC166B
·  Sleeve filter SMC169

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