Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.
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The purpose of our equipment servicing is to create conditions and implement a set of measures to help the customer, step by step and with minimal, subsequent operating costs, to achieve a new quality of production equipment and maintain it at a given level of technical availability.

Conditions for achieving the set level of technical availability:

  • Input control of equipment components at all stages
  • Output control of units on the test stands
  • Installation supervision (control over the installation), designer field supervision, and participation in all kinds of tests
  • Technical audit of installation
  • Organization of a comprehensive service system that applies diverse maintenance approaches to the different units depending on their specific design and operating conditions using monitoring and diagnosis methodology for each specific node.

The basic servicing concept is to implement equipment maintenance and repair based upon actual technical condition.
The essence of this approach is eradicating equipment failures at the stage of their inception. This becomes possible using technical condition recognition methods and analysis of equipment performance that identifies existing or developing defects and helps to plan optimum timing of the repairs. The basis of this approach to maintenance is technical diagnosis and equipment condition forecasting.

The proposed approach to customer service will:

  • Minimize unscheduled shutdowns (sudden failures) and achieve the longest possible service life of the equipment
  • Optimize the structure of overhaul repairs and, as a consequence, minimize large one-time costs
  • Ensure the effectiveness of maintenance due to post-repair inspections
  • Increase the repair intervals and service life of the equipment by carrying out installation, commissioning, maintenance and modernization in precise compliance with the manufacturer’s procedures
  • Identify and eliminate repetitive failures by analyzing the condition of the equipment
  • Apply the per-unit repair that helps reduce downtime periods
  • Reasonably and proportionately engage repair personnel
  • Improve industrial safety
  • Reduce operating costs

 Proposed services package:

  • Technical consultations
  • Diagnostics of the equipment condition followed by suggestions for improving the technical availability coefficient
  • Periodic inspections (audits) and maintenance according to an agreed schedule
  • Replacement of units and accessories, and timely delivery of the necessary spare parts
  • Determination of the works scope for overhauls and modernization, and the supply of spare parts