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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Clinker brick production equipment

Clay of special grades is raw material for clinker bricks. During burning in rotary kilns it is brought to complete baking at about 1200 °С, which is close to refractory brick production mode. This is why clinker brick withstands ambient temperature differences easily. Also, heat treatment gives such bricks enhanced strength performance and fairly low water absorption level due to very dense inner structure. The clinker brick density is such that one square centimetre of its surface can carry up to one ton load without any physical destructions.

In addition, clinker brick is visually different from other brick types. An original method of clinker brick production from special-grade clay allows producing different hues of individual bricks of the same batch.

Production of this type of ceramic products is almost unavailable in Russia – due to absence of suitable raw material, i.e. clay with necessary characteristics. 

Clinker consists of:

  • refractory clay – chamotte;
  • Fieldspars (< Germ. Feldspat) is a whole group of rock-forming minerals which belong to the class of silicates. They are widely spread. (Feldspat — German word "Feld" means "field", and Ancient Greek word Spat -σπατος means "plate" due to ability of the mineral to be divided into plates based on cleavage);
  • Clay minerals are silicates of aqueous group constituting main argillaceous deposit mater and a wide soil particle size range and mechanical, chemicophysical and other qualities determining them.

Multiple colour nuances may be obtained by mixing different clay matters.  To produce clinker products, manufacturer plants pass thoroughly agitated clay/water source mixture through an extruder (in special cases manufacturers offer traditional hand-formed bricks when clinker is used for restoration of buildings and monuments). The process following forming is drying. It results in decrease of water content in moulds to 3%, and in production of a high-quality clinker content of water in clay shall not exceed 2%. After that the products are placed into tunnel kilns (previously – circular kilns) and burnt at no less than 1100  and up to 1300 °С, as distinct from ordinary ceramic bricks which are burnt at 800 to 1000 С.

It can be supposed that c clinker brick facing would increase the construction cost to some extent, but thinking prospectively, one can see that buildings built using clinker bricks are very durable and easy to use.

Building faces faced with clinker bricks make the whole structure appearance very expressive.  The successfully selected colour solution allows easy harmonisation with the surrounding landscape (if a construction facility is beyond the city limits) and advantageous fit into residential or business urban quarter. Clinker brick is not susceptible to discolouration during operation as the finished product colour depends on the clay composition. In addition to facing clinker bricks, clinker tiles applied over bricks are increasingly popular for building facing. The tiles are produced using the same process as that for clinker bricks.

Clinker ceramic products are also used in other fields: paving slabs, garden paths, steps, paving blocks made of clinker bricks. Due to their increased strength, clinker construction materials ensure reliability in locations where the increased loads are to be withstood. 

When raw material is prepared for brick production, different industrial unit types are used – crushing and grinding equipment, burning and drying equipment. For over 70 years already the Samara Strommashina plant has been manufacturing reliable equipment for different industries, including construction industry.  Calcination kilns and drying drums of the Strommashina brand are popular all over the world as very reliable and high-capacity units which are advantageously competitive with European equivalents and significantly outperforming the majority of Chinese and Indian units in terms of quality. Buying the brick manufacture equipment from the Strommashina means making s step towards successful business!