Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Creating a Feldspar Crushing Facility

Used in both glass and ceramic industries, feldspar is one of the most used materials when it comes to manufacturing a wide range of products including aforementioned glass, ceramic, paints, plastics, rubbers, and adhesives. Feldspar has a set of physical properties that make if perfect for the reduction of the quartz melting temperature. This also helps in managing the viscosity of glass. Feldspar is a material that is constantly in high demand all over the world and in a variety of industries.

Necessary equipment for processing feldspar

Сrushing equipment, vibrating feeders, material handling equipment‎, and vibrating screens are used to set up efficient feldspar processing plants.

The most common production lines include various types of machinery. The line starts with a vibrating feeder which ensures the evenness of the material distribution. Feldspar is fed to the crusher where the initial crushing happens. Bits of the stone are moved by the belt conveyor to the next crusher which refines the size of the particles. The separation happens further down the line where the vibrating screen is situated. The screen separates suitable particles from larger ones that need to be crushed once again. The intensity of the process and the fineness of the final product can be adjusted. Depending on your requirements, Strommashina  will design the most effective production line for your facility!