Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Production of asphalt-concrete mixes using the Strommashina equipment

Asphalt concrete is one of the most popular materials in construction industry. It is used for building roads, airdromes, as a roofing material, for hydraulic engineering structures.
Asphalt-concrete is a mixture of several components: sand, crushed stone (gravel), bitumen, mineral dust and polymer additives. The asphalt-concrete mixtures are produced using special equipment – asphalt mixing plant. To make sure the final production output complies with GOST, the asphalt-concrete mixtures are produced in strict adherence to the recommended process.

There three types of artificial asphalt used for road pavement construction. Each asphalt has its own application.

  • Coarse. This asphalt type is used for basecourse construction. To prepare this mixture type, fine crushed stone (5 to 15 mm size) and coarse crushed stone (20 to 40 mm) are used.
  • Fine. This asphalt concrete is used for carriageway paving operation. This asphalt is used as wearing course in case of a double-course pavement. The mixture includes fine crushed stone (5 to 15 mm).
  • Sand. This asphalt type is used for paving sidewalks and pedestrian paths. The mixture composition includes mostly sand and small amount of mineral dust, bitumen and fine crushed stone (5 mm).

The asphalt-concrete mixtures (paving, roofing, etc.) are prepared as follows.

First the source material is selected for the mixture, also the required quantity of the material is measured for producing the ordered volume of asphalt concrete. Based on the quantity and quality of the material it is possible to approximately determine the cost of asphalt concrete mixture. Then the source materials are charged into the measuring hopper where the preliminary batching is performed. Then minerals are dried and heated to a definite temperature. After heating they are sized and fed to the weighing batcher. At the same time the bitumen is heated to a definite temperature which depends on the asphalt concrete type, it is weighed and batched. And, at last the production of asphalt-concrete mixtures reaches its final stage: all parts of the mixture are fed to the mixer where the final forming of asphalt concrete is performed.

If the asphalt concrete production process was not disturbed and complied to GOST, the asphalt concrete mixtures are high-quality and durable.
The cost of the asphalt concrete mixture depends on the grain coarseness of the mixture, its density and type. Depending on the bitumen placing temperature and viscosity the following mixture types exist:

  • hot asphalt concrete mixture (viscous and liquid bitumens are used, the mixture is placed at no less than 120С).
  • cold asphalt concrete mixture (liquid bitumens are used, the mixture temperature is placed at - 5С and higher).

Cold asphalt concrete mixtures (road type) the price of which is somewhat higher than the price of hot asphalt concrete mixtures are divided into sand and fine-grained. The hot asphalt concrete mixture the price of which varies in moderate range is also divided into high-dense, dense, porous and high-porous.

The cold asphalt concrete mixture the price of which is determined by the type of the special, bitumen is mainly used for road repair in cold season, for repairing highway defects in hard-to-reach places (where the pavement roller can not drive). The hot asphalt concrete mixtures are used for construction of roads, sidewalks and roofing operations.

The Samara Strommashina plant manufactures all equipment necessary for starting the asphalt concrete production. Our СМ series asphalt units combine the most up-to-date design and process solutions of leading European manufacturers of asphalt mixing equipment.  Only high-quality materials of major integrated iron-and-steel works of Russia and component part of well-known world brands are used for manufacture of СМ series units.