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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Rotary Dryers, Coolers, and Kilns. Sealing

Rotary equipment is widely employed in various industries and some production cycles are hardly imaginable without rotary dryers, kilns or coolers. This equipment needs to be as efficient as possible due to a plethora of reasons. Sometimes, the biggest consideration is the workflow and its integrity. Sometimes, the biggest focus is on the quality of the end product. Regardless of your priorities, seals help a lot.

Strommashina offers a wide variety of seals and you can choose from a plethora of options depending on the specifics of your production process. For example, when the biggest concern is air leakage, choosing a labyrinth seal is the best answer. This is a very cost efficient variant. Labyrinth, as the name suggests, is a pathway for air that has a very intricate construction. The seal can be further improved with the addition of wraps that cover the space between the seal plate and the drum. This will make the seal even more efficient.

Single leaf seals. When the acceptable relative leakage level equals 1.0, consider single leaf solution as it provides a cost efficient way to improve the process. Leaves form a fan that is pushed against the drum and create necessary pressure on the shell. The seal is made of spring steel and has certain flexibility that further improves its feasibility. Other variants of this seal are available.

Double leaf seals. These are variations of the seal described above. Double leaf versions have a relative leakage of .25. Note that the construction of the leaves is compositional with ceramic fiber layer between two steel leaves. Double seal is also a cost efficient solution, but its price is generally higher than that of single seals.

Purged seals. Double leaf seals prevent leakage fairly well, but some processes require even better leakage prevention and .25 of relative leakage is way above tolerable. When the required relative leakage is closer to zero, using purged seals is a good solution. This seal is essentially a pair of double seals with purge gas encapsulated between them. This gas forces the interior gases to stay inside. Note that purge gas itself leaks and may enter the interior of the dryer.

Bergmann seals. Total leakage prevention is possible with Bergmann seals. This option is a whole mechanism of rings that form a seal. With its accurate mechanism and solid leakage prevention capabilities, a Bergmann seal is a perfect solution for delicate production processes that require total encapsulation of air inside the vessel. In order to further improve leakage prevention, purge gases can be used.

Graphite Seal. This is a state-of-the-art solution that works well for processes where material leakage is a problem and can compromise the functionality of the seal. Graphite blocks are tightly pushed against the shell by strong springs and prevent the material from ever entering the seal. Graphite is also a material highly resistant to extreme temperatures and can be used in situations when other materials are simply not applicable.

If you need a seal that will improve the drying process, please consider working with Strommashina. We offer a wide array of seals and other add-ons!