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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Testing Drying Efficiency

Feasibility tests play a big role in choosing the right technical properties for your drying equipment. With enough testing we can determine design limitations for the rotary dryer and pick the right materials and components that will provide perfect environment for the materials that you will work with. At the same time, extensive testing ensures that the setup will work as intended when the scale of production will inevitably increase.

Our feasibility testing facilities will help in designing the best equipment for any purposes. Make sure to test the process before spending your budget on equipment.

Preparing the material

Feasibility testing allows us to determine perfect material properties for drying. A plethora of materials needs to be prepared for further drying and determining the most optimal moisture level of the feedstock is pivotal for the efficiency of the process. During tests, we will find out the most optimal material properties and suitable moisture range that will be perfect for your specific requirements.

Testing the End Product

In the vast majority of scenarios, our clients want to get a product with predetermined properties. Many of such characteristics can be guaranteed through careful fine tuning of the equipment. Tests will help in tuning the parameters of the dryer so that it will produce materials with precise bulk density, moisture level, robustness, compression, etc.

Fine Tuning Existing Equipment

While you may think that your dryers are efficient and there is no room for improvement, feasibility testing may help in determining whether this true or not. In the vast majority of cases, improvements can be made and modifications to the process can significantly improve your production cycle. Sometimes, even minor alterations can do the trick.

Test-Driven Design

Knowing what requirements have to be met by the drying system helps in designing it. Testing allows us to get the data that will be detrimental for the design process.
Feasibility testing is an absolute necessity when working with new materials. Extensive studying of the material allows us to find the best drying conditions and build the most optimal equipment for the job. This results in a highly efficient scalable heavy-duty drying equipment.

Test Applications

The list of metrics gathered during feasibility testing may differ based on the requirements of the production process or properties of the material. However, we commonly pay close attention to specific sets of data:

  • Liquid content of the material before drying and at the feed
  • Liquid content of the material after drying and at the discharge
  • Temperature of the material both at the feed and discharge
  • The speed of feed
  • Average time spent by the material inside the vessel
  • Drying air temperature
  • Gases released and their properties

These properties can be easily adjusted in order to create the most optimal drying environment. With proper fine tuning, you will receive the product with very specific properties.
Strommashina has more than capable testers and testing facilities to ensure a rich variety of testing methods and patterns. In addition to the above, Strommashina can help in testing lifters efficiency and design flights tailored for your specific tasks.

Feasibility testing is a crucial part of equipment design and enables better understanding of each individual project. Feasibility tests help to modify and improve existing drying systems or design new equipment that will perfectly process specific materials. To top it all off, feasibility testing provides invaluable data on material properties and process requirements that may help in estimating the production scalability.

Strommashina has rich experience in designing and building highly efficient heavy-duty rotary dryers. Our modern testing facilities helped us to successfully solve complicated production related riddles and build drying equipment that ideally complemented various production cycles. If reliability and efficiency are the most important qualities for you, make sure to contact us and use our feasibility testing expertise!