Established in 1942
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Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Why Order Kiln Alignment at Strommachina?

Strommachina focuses on offering an all-around type of service meaning that we employ the most advanced measurement tools and software. At the same time, we take our pride in our service due to a variety of reasons:

Maintaining the integrity of the process. Strommachina specialists conduct holistic inspections and adjustments in order to ensure that the equipment in question works properly as a unit. Instead of working with each system component separately, we work with the whole system.

An efficient alignment process. Strommachina specialists will avoid improper usage of time. Due to using modern measurement tools, the necessity of freeing the space is nullified. Our specialists can easily take measurements without causing any distress. All system components can stay in place. Without the need to clean the area, the process is more efficient and does not cause any hassle.

Informative reports. After finishing the alignment procedures, our specialists will form a detailed report with precise data on measurements and positioning both before and after the procedure. Having this information is vital for future alignment processes and will greatly assist in kiln maintenance.

Deep experience. Strommachina has been working with numerous companies and managed to accumulate enough experience to tackle any problem in a timely manner. We have trained professionals that specialize in specific areas of alignment: measurements, diagnostics, data processing, physical alignment, etc. Having specialists that have rich experience is useful when the real reason of the misalignment is unknown. Sometimes, misalignment is caused by subtle factors like sinking surfaces, material expansion due to high temperature, improper equipment usage, etc. To top it all off, our specialists can perform separate maintenance procedures if necessary. Such procedures may include:

  • Inspecting ovality and/or thickness of the drum shell
  • Inspecting couplings and shafts
  • Inspecting refractory
  • Inspecting seals and/or backlash
  • Inspecting burners

Efficiency is the Key to Success
Modern alignment methods involve advanced technologies and state-of-the-art tools. This means that the process can be extremely efficient both time and resource wise. The quickness of the procedure is the reason why you should include it into your regular maintenance plans. Proper alignment will significantly reduce wear and prevent potential operational damage.

Strommachina is proud to offer you the expertise of our best specialists. Our team will be perfectly equipped for extensive inspections and alignment procedures regardless of the type and number of rotary kilns you have at your facilities.

If you need to fix the misalignment of your pyroprocessing equipment, Strommachina is your first choice!