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Drum ball mill 1471 for dry grinding of continuous operation

Drum ball mill 1471 belongs to the tube ball mill grinding type of continuous operation. Such tube ball mill is designed for grinding of ore and non-metallic minerals as well as grinding of medium hardness construction materials.

The mill is manufactured with the following configurations:

  • with central drive and side discharge of grinded material;
  • with central drive and central discharge of grinded material;
  • with side drive through the ring gear and central discharge of grinded products;
  • the mill can be manufactured with either one or two chambers (one compartment ball mill; two-compartment ball mill), depending on customer's request.

Mill 1471 with central drive
Mill 1471 with central drive

Mill 1471 with side drive
Mill 1471 with side drive

Mill 1471 is used for ore, mining, chemical, and many other industries.

This grinding mill works continuously in different technological schemes and produces homogeneous fine grinding product with the help of grinding media (balls).

Drum ball mill`s 1471 capacity depends on grinding material characteristics (hardness, grindability), the inlet size of the feed material is up to 40 mm, material moisture (up to 0,5 %), grinding fineness, feeding uniformity, grinding bodies and material filling.

Supply package includes a one-compartment drum or two-compartment drum, lined with the cast-lined covers, charging cover, discharge aggregate, two carrying rollers, drive, and a charging chute.

Ball mill 1471 of dry grinding construction:

The drum is a steel hollow cylinder with liner plates preventing it from impact and attrition influence of grinding balls and material. As for the two-compartment mill drum, it is separated by a partition into two chambers: for preliminary and fine grinding. Preliminary grinding compartment is loaded with the grinding balls. A Fine grinding chamber is loaded with the grinding cylinders.

The drum is closed from both sides by the heads – a feed hood seal and a discharge seal.

The heads are cast together with a pivot. Support tires are set onto the pivots by which the drum rests on two self-installing thrust rollers.

The feed chute consists of charging chute and a feed screw with lead bars for the better migration of the feed material. The screw is inserted in the feed head pivot cavity and connected to the pivot ends by pins by a flange.

A Screw with lead bars is mounted into discharge cover the same way. The screw is connected to discharge drum with a screen, designed for separation of incidentally passed lumps.

An electric motor starts up the rotation of mill 1471 (with central drive and central discharge) through coupling, gearbox and flexible coupling. The raw material is loaded into the mill through the feed chute.

Grinding bodies crush the feed material which migrates from the feed chute to discharge chute end under continuously incoming material pressure.

In the process of drum rotation, the processed material finally gets into the discharge gear and gets unloaded with the help of a screw through the discharge tube section.

For the purpose of serial production improvement and considering operating companies recommendations, our plant developed the design documentation for a two-chamber ball mill 1471 in the version 1471.00.00.000-04 with a starter device.

Technical characteristics

Mill type Two-chamber ball mill / one-chamber ball mill
Mill index 1471
Rated drum working volume, m3 12,5
Drum inner diameter without lining, mm 1512
Drum length, mm 7100
Rotation frequency of the mill, rpm. 28
Capacity, t/h Up to 10
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), mm Depending on modification / as required
Mill weight with grinding bodies, kg 45 000
Maximum weight of grinding bodies, kg * 16000
Installed power of electric motor, kW 160
Motor rotational frequency, rpm. Depending on modification / as required
Supply voltage, V 380
Reduction ratio Depending on modification / as required
TU 4844-002-54028 986-2003 OKP code 484421

* Grinding bodies are supplied separately

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