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Sleeve filter SMC169

Sleeve filter (bag filter) is intended for dedusting of excess air when transporting bulk material in cement and construction industry.

Single chamber filter consists of a square casing, sleeves with hitch attachments, regeneration unit and electrical equipment. Twelve filter sleeves are placed in the casing, closed form top and open from bottom. Sleeves upper sections are closed with blind gores.

Chamber pulse sleeve regeneration by means of ejector and electromagnetic valve is used in the filter.
Within the filtration mode the excessive dust-laden gas enters the inner cavity of filter sleeves, penetrates the fabric and is discharged into the atmosphere through ejector. Dust in the gas is kept by fabric, gradually fill the pores increasing the degree of cleaning, and when the complete primary layer is created, dust collecting becomes practically full. When the layer thickness increases, moving gas resistance through filter grows up what leads to decrease of its capacity and pressure increase in the aspirated plant, therefore removal of the originated dust layer within a given period occurs automatically – regeneration of sleeves happens. During the regeneration process the compressed air supplied with the help of membrane valves with electromagnet drive through the orifice, ejects the dedusted gas in the space behind the sleeve, where the reverse scavenging and sleeves deformation occurs, dust layer is destroyed and falls.

Performance data

DescriptionSMC 169 (NS)
Filter area, m2            10
Filter speed, m/min. ( to be determined depending on dust characteristics at fixing the filter in the processing plant)1,2
Capacity, m3/h720
Dust content at inlet, g/m350
Dust content at outlet, g/m30,08
Allowable temperature for gas, оС140
Air resistance, Pa1900
Installed power, kW0,04
Sleeve diameter, mm200
Number of sleeves, pcs.        12
Compressed air pressure for regeneration, Mpa0,3-0,6
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), mm1090х975х1795
Power voltage, V220/50-60Hz
Weight without electrical equipment, kg, not more220
Normative documentTU 4845-001-54028986-2002 OKP code 484144

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