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Hammer crusher SMD147 A

A hammer crusher is used for the preliminary crushing of non abrasive fragile minerals of low and medium hardness (limestone crushing, chalk crushing, gypsum crushing, asbestos ore crushing, broken brick crushing, coal crushing, clay crushing, marl crushing, hard lime crushing, etc.) with the moisture content of not more than 8-10%. A hammer crusher is also used for a secondary crushing of feed material that is 20mm and less. A hammer crusher is not to be used for sticky materials crushing and crushing of materials with a moisture rate of 15% and more. For the materials that have ability to get stuck inside, a hammer crusher with an inside moving plate should be used.

The material gets crushed inside of a crusher by the impact of fast-rotating hammers on the material particles as well as the mutual strike of the particles and the contact with the armor plates which the material is dropped to.

One of the advantages of a hammer crusher is its low level of energy consumption. Impact crushing in this crusher is more effective than crushing by carving actions. Among other advantages of a hammer crusher is its simplicity, design compactness, excellent reliability, low weight, continuous operation, and extraordinary capacity. Also, a hammer crusher stands out with its ability to work with various materials. A hammer crusher can be used as a limestone crusher, chalk crusher, gypsum crusher, asbestos crusher, broken brick crusher, coal crusher, clay crusher, marl crusher, hard limestone crusher, and other soft minerals crusher.

Hammer crusher SMD 147A.00.00.000 belongs to the single rotor irreversible crushers with the crushing rate of 12.


Hammer crusher SMD147 A

Performance data

Index name Value
On lime-stone10-14
On coal18-24
Charging material size , mm200
Discharge slot width, mm13
Size of finished pieces, mmUp to 13
Motor power, kW55:
Rotary speed, rpm1000
Diameter 800
Length 600
Length 2460
Width 1350
Height 1310
Crusher weight with electric motor, t2,7

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