Established in 1942
+7 (846) 3-741-741 ext. 138
Since 1942 Strommasina Corp. has been successfully producing equipment for the mining, building, oil and gas, as well as road, metallurgical industries.

Lime-stone production line

Capacity 70 000 t/year

Engineering process consists of the following transitions:
- supply, preparation of raw material;
- chalk drying;
- chalk firing;
- lime cooling;
- supply to finished mile warehouse.

Chalk (mile stone), fractions 0-300 mm is brought from open-cut mining by means of dumping trucks (or other types of transport) to covered storehouse and dumped to the raw material stock. From raw material stock chalk is supplied to plate feeder receiving bin. Pit chalk by plate feeder is headed to jaw crusher.

Crushed chalk, fractions 0-50 mm by belt conveyor is transported by conveyor to unbalanced-throw screen on which it is dispersing in to three fractions 5-20 mm, 20-40 mm, and less than 5 mm.

Fractions 5-20 mm and 20-40 mm are supplied separately to two intermediate hoppers wherefrom by means of transporting equipment are supplied to raw material preheaters wherein they are heated and through transfer chambers go for firing into the rotating furnaces. Fraction less than 5 mm is not suitable for firing in the rotating furnace and therefore goes to wastes hopper.

Lime firing is performed in a short furnace equipped with the heater behind the furnace. After firing, lime goes for cooling in the drum cooler and then by transporting equipment to the finished products warehouse.

Deposited dust from furnace chambers and cooler as well as from dust and gas cleaning systems collectors by means of screw conveyors is supplied to finished material conveyor.

Delivery of finished products is provided to automobile and railway transport.

Lime-stone production line

Delivery set lime equipment

Preparing room
Vibration feeder
Jaw crusher
Belt conveyor
Sleeve filter
screw conveyor
chain elevator
grading machine
belt conveyor
plate feeder
Belt conveyor
chain elevator
intermediate hopper
pressure filter
firing section
chalk preheater with chain drum drives
rotation furnace
gas burner
drum cooler
screw conveyor
finished product warehouse
belt conveyor
chain elevator
finished product silo

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