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Rotary dryer SMC 429.3М

Drying cylinder is designed for drying bulk materials with furnace gases.

Drying cylinders are used in construction materials industries in various processing lines for heat drying of lime-stone, clay, sand, chalk-stone, gypsum and other bulky materials with particles lump size up to 60 mm.

Drying cylinder consists of a casing, support and thrust station, support station, drive, tyres, toothed gear.
Drum casing is a welding structure made from separate sidewalls. Various types of heads are installed inside the casing for activization of heat transfer depending on a drum modification:
- at the very beginning - screw type, on the whole part of the drum – lifting blade type;
- at the very beginning - screw type, in the middle drum part - lifting blade and chain type;
- at the very beginning - screw type, in the middle drum part - lifting blade and sector type.

Application of various head types depends on the properties of the drying material (input and output moisture, fraction composition, flowability, etc.) and is chosen in each separate case   together with the customer and manufacturer.

Casing support is represented by two steel tyres. One tyre is beveled for thrust rollers that prevent from the longitude drum shift.

The casing is supported by its tyres on the support and thrust -support stations. Ring gear is fixed on the drum casing by means of cross-beams, through which the drum is rotating from the drive.

The drive consists of drive pinion, gear box and electric motor connected between each other by couplings and mounted on one frame. The drum is installed towards the horizon at an angle 1o-4o.

Casing incline in combination with axial rotation provides the material shift towards the discharge chamber.
Hot furnace gases enter the casing and touching the material heat it up evaporating the moisture it contains. Heat transmission occurs by three main methods: in weighed condition at material falling from blades, from furnace gases through outer surface of the lying material in the material pile from more heated parts of the drum inner device and sidewall.

Drying modes for various materials are changing depending on raw material moisture on the drum input and the required moisture of finished material on the drum output, material fraction composition subject to drying, material characteristics.

Temperature of the heatcarrier supplied to the drum shall not exceed 900oС.

Flue-gas temperature at drum outlet not less than 100 – 150oС to exclude possibility of moisture condensation in the drum discharge section.

On furnace gas inlet of the drum there shall be vacuum not les than 30 Pa.
Fuel – natural gas, condensed gas, diesel fuel.

Performance data

Name SMC 429.3М (2,8х14)
Type Flow type
Operation character Continuous
Drum casing dimensions (length х diameter), mm 14000х2800
Drum volume, m3 84,08
Drum rotation frequency, rpm. 4,12
Drum casing slope towards the horizon, degree. 1-4
Heat carrier Furnace gases
Heat carrier temperature, oС 800
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), mm 14000х4644х4464
Mass, kg 48950-53700*
Motor installed power, kW 55
Motor rotation speed, rpm 1000
Supply voltage, V 380
Gear box 1C2U-400N-31,5-21
Normative document TU 4845-005-54028986-2008
OKP code 484500

* depending on head types.


  1. Capacity is not indicated since it depends on material characteristics, its moisture (initial and final), initial material size. To be determined by calculation method.
  2. As agreed with the customer it is possible to change drum casing sizes.
  3. As agreed with the customer an additional completeness by loading and unloading chambers is possible, heat generators, burners.

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